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Not sure what these feelings mean?

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Question - (14 January 2009) 3 Answers - (Newest, 29 January 2009)
A female Canada age 26-29, anonymous writes:

I'm 16 and I'm confused. I've dated a few guys but never felt an actual attraction to any of them. I tried dating a girl once and I thought I felt something, but I just figured that it was more the desire to be with someone than an actual attraction to her. Since then, I've been going out with guys again, trying to find one I'm attracted to. I still wonder sometimes if I really did feel something for that girl, though. I keep thinking back on it and I feel that I could be gay, but I'm not sure.

A few days ago, though, I saw my best friend naked. She came out of the shower (she was staying at my place for a few days) and her towel fell off while she was talking to me. I couldn't help it; I saw her entire body (which I feel a little ashamed about now) and I could feel my face go completely red. Hers didn't, though.

She didn't seem to notice my face burning and went into another room to put on some clothes. But as soon as she left, I suddenly started fingering myself and rubbing my breasts without meaning to. I've never masturbated before for any reason. It's like I wasn't even in control of my actions for a while. I managed to stop myself, but when she came back my face went a little red again and I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and something else I couldn't quite figure out.

Since then, I feel a little different around her. I can't wait to be around her and sometimes I even dream about her and that moment. I feel like she's suddenly become more important to me. Am I in love with her? Am I gay? Like I said, I've never felt anything for any guy I've met and I feel like I may have felt something for that one girl I dated. I'm very confused and I can't find the answer myself.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (29 January 2009):

Thanks for the answers, but I noticed that they were leaning toward convincing me I'm not gay. I know that the way some questions are worded will lead to answers going mostly in one direction because the one answering feels it's the answer the other wants to hear. And I think I may have done that with my question. -.- Oops. I'm fine if I turn out to be gay or bi. I guess I just worded it like I was afraid to be or something, which I'm not. Just wanted to make that more clear.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (14 January 2009):

From my experience, which is basically the same as yours without the towel part, you could be. I dated tons of guys and never felt a connection. Then I met my girlfriend and feel that feeling I couldn't find with my boyfriend of seven months came very quickly. You could be gay, or you could be bi. That's something for you to discover.

Best of luck.

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A female reader, ecstasy United Arab Emirates +, writes (14 January 2009):

ecstasy agony auntthese things happen at such an age.... keep a check on yourself at all times.... you havent really liked a guy yet.... once you do i think you ll be fine..... if not consult a specialist!

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