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My wife said she had to do many things for money after her father died but now I find she worked in a massage parlor!

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Question - (2 August 2012) 1 Answers - (Newest, 3 August 2012)
A male India age 41-50, anonymous writes:

my wife is 31years old. We are married 5years. We have a daughter, age 3years, staying with my mother in different place. I am working in a privet company as a clerk. My wife is a privet nurse in a nursing home. We know each other two years before marriage. She lived in so far from city. We met 2 or 3 time in a week. I have known that after her father death she was the only earning member of her family. At that time she worked in another small nursing home as a nursing attendant for daily basis. After my marriage wife said me that in her family hardship she was do many thing for money, but at that time, and now also, I never ask her about that thing. We have a good relation with her co-worker, named soma and her husband. Last year we joined with them a conducted tour. In that tour we two family come more close and do wife swapping.

someday before my wife said me, that, she offered a part time job. She said, it is a massage parlor job, which offer come through Soma, who is working there from few days as per her husband concern. In fact now we are going through a financial problem.

Next I meet with Soma. She said, what would wrong if Mahua do this for money. Her husband Raju knows everything and agreed. In talk, she said that, in that tour, where we did ‘wife swapping’, that night when me and soma enjoying in our room, then in next room Mahua was fucked not only by Raju, also with his friend, Jishnu. Who was another co-tourist of our tour. More interesting thing was, Mahua do that for fun. Soma also said untold past of my wife, Mahua. As per her version, she told me whole thing for herself. In massage parlor, the fresh girl from college, nursing, house wife’s demand is high. If anyone recruit new face, owner made reward. She said, from Mahua’s father death, she involve in sex racket. Many doctor’s, medical representative ware enjoyed my wife so many times in different places. Name of the pimp is Mamata, work on that nursing home as a lady attendant. My god! She was the mediator of our love. On basis of her word I decided to make a relation with Mahua. After all conversation Soma confessed that she was also in that chain. Now her husband knows all. She request me to don’t make any scene create in home and think it in reality. Reaching home when I told entire fact to my wife. Firstly she denied all things. But when I told her, if all is false, then harry up, we will frame charge on police station against that ‘bitch’. Then she had broken out. And said for shake of her family she was bound to do that. Confess that she done it, not one time but many times with many people. Also told she had worked in few brothels as a sex worker for quick money. After that day she said if I agree she will do that job.

Now I in doubt, is she mentally prepared for do prostitution, or this incident not first for her, often she does this behind me? What is different to her about one or many husband, when the question is fucking of a prostitute?

I think nothing to be rest for me. What can I do, neither resist her, nor pimping and allowing herself do as she like?

My English is very poor. Please forgive me.

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A male reader, Danielepew Mexico +, writes (3 August 2012):

Danielepew agony auntYour wife did what she did and that can't be changed. What you can do now is envision your future.

I understand you have financial problems and your wife is offering to work in a massage parlor in order to help bring money.

If you do not want that, say it very clearly. Then see what she does and make your decision on that basis.

Good luck, man.

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