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My online boyfriend isn't talking to me that often, help!

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Question - (15 August 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 16 August 2008)
A female United States age 22-25, *MLBabyDoll writes:

I'm very troubled...My online 14yo boyfriend of almost 4months isnt talking to me that often...I couldnt tell you how many times i have tried to contact him, only 1ce in the past week he's said something to me. I dont know if he is avoiding me, lost interest, or if im being to clinging...This is my first relationship but for it being over the internet, thats maybe not the best thing but would you please help me?

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A female reader, PsyCookie United States +, writes (16 August 2008):

PsyCookie agony auntAre you sure that it's him? Don't you think it's his parents or someone else?

But nevertheless, I already told you about my experience with online dating. Don't expect too much from this one as he seems to not be willing to put effort on it.

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A female reader, VMLBabyDoll United States +, writes (16 August 2008):

VMLBabyDoll is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Its shows he's online! i will try to talk but no reply back! I have a friend or 2 thats here to back me up on things. If i say 'i love you' to him, he wont say it back!

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (16 August 2008):

don't rack your brain about where he is. It hard trusting an online boyfriend trust me I learned it the hard way. Be careful also that he is not using you.

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A female reader, mimimarquez United Kingdom +, writes (15 August 2008):

mimimarquez agony auntyou're not alone, babe. one of my little internet buddies ;) was away, and i was ready to flip out and try to forget him-turns out he was in venezuela . so don't give up hope, but don't wait by the computer all day.

xx mimi

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A female reader, PsyCookie United States +, writes (15 August 2008):

PsyCookie agony auntThere could have happened MANY things.

His internet connection is lost. His parents prohibited from getting into the internet. They didn't pay internet. He's away. His computer crashed...

Well, it's just many things that could have stopped him from talking to you, not only because he might have lost interest.

But let's not discard that. He could have also have lost interest, or he can't take the pressure of a relationship.

Now, it being on the internet makes it harder to solve this problem since you really don't have any other means to talk about it. So what you could do is just wait for him to come back online again and ask him why he hasn't gotten online. Ask him to be sincere and to not hesitate in his answer. If he tells you that he isn't ready for a relationship, then you'll have to take it.

Now, I do think that having an online relationship is not the best idea. I tell you for experience. I had one when I was 15 for 4 months and it wasn't fun. I ended up not trusting him that much and we were too young to meet each other alone. Even though we liked each other, it wasn't a fun thing. He's the only relationship I've been that didn't end up being friends with (he's my only online relationship too, I learned my lesson). Sorry dear, but at your age, it's extremely hard to keep a relationship like yours. No matter how wish it will last long, it probably won't.

But don't give up hope. Wait for him, ask him why he wasn't online for so long, and accept his answer. Good luck

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