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My married lover won't leave her husband....

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Question - (21 June 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 27 October 2008)
A male India age 30-35, *aj sharma writes:

Hi, I am in a love with a married woman. I know that she loves me too. She stays with her husband. Both stay together. They had some problems in their relationship in which I came in between and we started loving each other. I know her very well. She is not a kind of girl who will betray one a will search for the another one. She really wants to come to me forever but she has lots of problems. She cant tell this to her husband. She wants to come to me in such a condition in which her husband itself will leave her. She dont want to come to me by leaving her husband and letting this world known that she is a bitch who betrayed her husband for a different guy. She wants to come to me and at the same time she doesnt want this world to know that she came to me just because of a guy which I do appreciate. I am in need of a help where in her husband will leaver her itself.

Please help me out, I really love her and cant live without her. Please.

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A male reader, matt-in-need Australia +, writes (27 October 2008):

all these answers are from non experiance, mate i am in the same situation. you love her??? she loves you??? i have only one thing to say.... listen to your heart!!!!! if you love her and she loves you thats all that matters..

i want to know how things turn out with you.. i love my woman so much and she is still at home but every situation is different, you cant tell everyone everything that has happened in a short sentance... only you will know from your heart.. please let me know. good luck im there for you..

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A reader, anonymous, writes (22 June 2008):

If she has problems in her marriage the last thing she should do is consult in you, another man. If he is abusive, she need to seek professional help, or go to a safe house and file for divorce, if she is just having marital issues like maybe the love has gone cold and they are not having a fun time together anymore, then she should work hard to make her marriage work. You should stay away from her, because she is married and thats adultery to persue her in any way. She is wrong for involving you in the first place. If somewhere down the road she divorces because her husband is unfaithful or abusive, then I see no reason why you could not persue her, because then she would be free, but right now, its wrong for either of you to ponder even so much as a thought on doing anything together. She is doing what is right by staying with her husband. Marriage is not something that is supposed to be just thrown away, but something that is supposed to be vows for life, til death do they part....leave her alone. Let her make her own choices. but if her husband is not unfaithful or abusive, she should not divorce him, she needs to be faithful to him and the vows she took the day she married him and vowed her foerever love to him.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (21 June 2008):

All you can do is waste your life waiting for this married woman and torturing yourself imagining her happily in bed with her husband. You say she loves you, well not in the same way that you love her. There is only one person this woman loves and that is herself, she dosen't mind hurting two men just to make sure that she herself is respected and not to blame. Poor husband, I hope she does leave him, because he deserve so much more, than a manipulative, cheating, liar such as her.

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A female reader, scrazy Canada +, writes (21 June 2008):

scrazy agony auntDon't bother waste anymore time pining for her - move on.

She cares more about what people are going to think of her if she and her husband do separate, then she does about you. I guarantee you, she's not going to leave her husband - not if she wants to be away from him under her terms.

Either way, they're going to be frowned upon, especially if she gets together with you.

So move on, find another woman who's actually single and doesn't have her reputation (or husband!) holding her back.


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A female reader, Emilysanswers United Kingdom +, writes (21 June 2008):

So she cares more about her reputation than about you... that says a lot to me.

Move on and get over her. She's never going to leave her husband for you, he's never going to leave her.

Find a woman who will love you back.

Good Luck!! xx

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