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My husband and I are trying to conceive by self-insemination. What are the success rates?

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Question - (23 December 2005) 4 Answers - (Newest, 22 September 2010)
A female , anonymous writes:

I am trying to conceive by self-insemination using my husband's sperm. He takes the semen in a clean dry steel container(open). I wait for about two-three minutes to get the semen liquified and then inseminate it intravaginally using a syringe.

Will the sperm die by that time? What is the success rate for conception?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (22 September 2010):

I know many people who conceived this way, both lesbians and hetero couples who couldn't "come" together. So success rate is decent. The key is to get a small 10ml needle-less syringe and insert it as deep as possible. Make sure you';ve drawn out the air bubbles.. that can be dangerous. After inserting the syringe into the vagina, slowly inject the semen toward the cervix mouth. Even after all the semen has been pressed out of the syringe, use the syringe as a plug and let it stay so the semen doesn't leak out and make sure you orgasm. The orgasm draws the sperm into the uterus. Make sure to do it before some hours to a day before ovulation. The orgasm is very important.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (9 November 2007):

The metal container issue is important because it depends on the quality of the steel - not all metals will kill sperm (otherwise all sperm travelling down a needle for IVF would fail). Plastic containers can also vary considerably.

The 'softer' plastics, like tuppawear, will kill or damage most motile sperm on contact. More brittle plastics, usually used as clear glass replacement, is usually sufficient.

Non chemical cleaning is very important but sterility is not so essential particularly for a spouse donor. Any routine water cleaning and air drying will far exceed the cleanliness that most sperm encounter during natural intercourse.

The speed of sperm delivery is NOT essential, the depth of placement is. Ensure that you are aroused and insert the semen as far in as you, try using a length of softer clinical catheter:

Decant the sample into a clean narrow tube, with the catheter open at both ends, lower one end into the tube, place your finger over the top end and remove the catheter with the semen held in the lower section. Carefully fold the catheter to displace the sample into the centre of the length. Fix a small rubber bulb onto one end, so that the air therein can propel the sample gently but completely from the catheter.

Slwoly and gently insert the unlubricated catheter using a slight twisting motion. Once you are in as far as you can manage, press the bulb repeatedly - withdraw slowly

Good luck

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (29 August 2007):

right not sure how old this posting is but i must say

using a metal (of any type) will kill sperm!!!!

use a plastic one, ya can buy baby food storage containers from your local supermarket-couple of quid for 2-4 pots,

sterilize these in boiling water only-any kind of washing up liquid or soap will also kill off sperm, jst an old lidded container few sizes bigger then the sample pot and boiling water will do the trick.,

half fill the bigger container with boiled water from kettle, put the sample pot in there and fill the bigger one and place lid (if you have one)

leave for bout half hour to an hour, take out and place on kitchen roll to dry out naturally-dnt put your fingers or anything inside the sample pot or else youl have to start the process again

do the same thing with a syringe-5-10ml is ample

again dnt try to dry it yourself-take the plunger out and let both bits dry on their own

before using either item make sure they have completely dried out and cooled dwn

good luck on your quest to parenthood

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A male reader, Qui-Gon-Jim +, writes (23 December 2005):

Qui-Gon-Jim agony auntIt all sounds quite well planned out. It takes about 4 or 5 DAYS for sperm to die off, so in that respect things look quite well. As for the method of insertion, there may be issues. The speed at which the sperm enter you is critical. When a man ejaculate, semen is released at incredible speed, and an artificial attempt at it either has to be done at that speed (painful!) or by artificial insemination, which involved a needle going up into the uterus. Unfortunately this impairs your chances.

I'm afraid that I'm no doctor, and for more information on home remedies and techniques on getting pregnant by sex, see your doctor; he'll have a few tricks.

Hope I've helped, Qui-Gon xxx

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