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My girlfriend's cousin seemed so flirtatious... am I imagining it?

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Question - (11 January 2017) 4 Answers - (Newest, 12 January 2017)
A male United Kingdom age 22-25, anonymous writes:

My girlfriend's cousin lives abroad.

When we went to meet her, I got on with her and found her very friendly and enthusiastic. After a while I got that instinctive... is she flirting with me? feeling, but figured I was imagining it because my girlfriend was there the whole time, and her cousin would not try to flirt.

She seemed to giggle at every dumb and unfunny joke I made, and jumped up to have a posed photo just with me a handful of times.

I have had to talk with her on Facebook a few times since because we are trying to arrange a trip to go back to her country this year.

She uses LOADS of winking smilies and blowing a kiss smilies. Like all the time. Plus said 'I'm so glad I met you' etc.

Is this normal?

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A female reader, aunt honesty Ireland + , writes (12 January 2017):

aunt honesty agony auntyip I also remember your previous post. You seem to be more interested in if she is flirting or not than you should be. You obviously have some feelings for her or this wouldn't bother you.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (12 January 2017):

WHY are you even asking this question?

WHY do you CARE?


What do I suggest?

Keep your communication with the cousin on Facebook to a minimum. In fact, stop it altogether! There is NO need for you to be in touch with her AT ALL. Let YOUR GIRLFRIEND talk to her and do all the trip arranging! Seems like a convenient little excuse to talk to the cousin, doesn't it? The cousin is going WAY TOO FAR with the stupid kissy emoticons. Absolutely shameless and desperate of her. Pathetic too.

This is where problems start. You chat innocently on FB and then the messages start getting more and more personal. And then it escalates to sexual innuendo and then it escalates even further to when can we meet to SEAL the DEAL? You know the song and dance very well, don't you?

The best way to avoid any temptation is NOT TO PUT YOURSELF IN THE POSITION to begin with.

Do you love your girlfriend? Do you want to KEEP HER? Then stop asking stupid questions and stop indulging yourself in WHAT IF fantasies! Some girls flirt because they are just flirty with EVERYONE. YOU included. Others flirt to indicate interest. But it does not matter.

Ignore the cousin. Anytime she flirts, ignore her. She is seeking attention. Maybe she is insecure, or lacking something in her life, maybe she is jealous of your girlfriend and is trying to steal you away. Who knows? Just know that you are on the side of your girlfriend. It is YOUR JOB to PROTECT your GIRLFRIEND's heart. THAT IS a VERY BIG responsibility you are carrying.

Behave appropriately. Like a good boyfriend. Do you understand?

Do not be a pig like many men are.

Be honourable and do the right thing.

Ignore the cousin and FOCUS ON YOUR GIRL!!!!!!

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A male reader, N91 United Kingdom + , writes (12 January 2017):

N91 agony auntI'm with slippers I remember your previous post.

Are you hoping to read different answers? Sounds to me like you're hoping she was flirting or you'd of let it drop last time.

You have a gf, what would it matter if she was flirting?

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A female reader, Slippers  United Kingdom +, writes (11 January 2017):

You've posted before about this and have have a couple of qs if you don't mind answering .

1 . Would it matter if she was flirting ? ?

2. Do you hope she is ?

3. Why are you so caught up with her ?

If think once you answer these I shall have a better idea .. some people are genuinely friendly I am though I wouldn't pose with you with you but foreign girls sometime wnat foreigner attention so they go out there way . To me what you described would be annoying after a while . Haha

However what I find lacking about your post is even talking about your holiday how your gf enjoyed it there is no mention of this .. your mind is so wrapped in this one scene like out a movie .. and you need to ask yourself why ??

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