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My girlfriend got sick after we had anal sex. What can I do to help her?

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Question - (6 September 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 6 September 2008)
A male United States age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Hey everybody recently me and my girlfriend had anal and vaginal sex and she has been sick for 2 days straight and she says she feels as if her asshole ripped and her vagina is ripped also and when we were doing anal she was bleeding...

She got a fever right after that and i wanna know is there anything i can do fix it?

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (6 September 2008):

I'm not really a Doctor. But it sounds like it might be an infection of some sort.

You most likely tore her a little on the inside (lesson 1: KY Jelly is your friend) and because you were too stupid to realise that bacteria breed like rabbits in this kind of act and that open wound + bacteria = infection and sickness.

Moral of the story... don't do anal unless you have done the bloody research, kids. And ALWAYS use lube for any rear entry. I mean, you might has well tried to violate her with stick of wood wrapped in sand-paper.

Oh and seriously... get her to a doctor, asap. As it could also be something worse.

Flynn 24

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A reader, anonymous, writes (6 September 2008):

Did you have anal sex before vaginal sex?

Was it your/her first times?

please go see a doctor, take her to one ASAP,! she needs IMMIDIATE medical attention.... any poo that ended up in the vagina or any of the cuts that the blood was coming from could have caused this, and your girl needs antibiotics if not much more, right away!

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A male reader, Yos Netherlands +, writes (6 September 2008):

Yos agony auntLike the others say: doctor right away! It could be an infection and infections down there can get very nasty and cause permanent damage.

Don't delay one more minute. She needs to tell the doctor exactly what happened.

One other thing, given the bleeding you should check your technique. That shouldn't be happening.

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A female reader, SugarCookie United States +, writes (6 September 2008):

Go to the doctor now. It sound like she has an infection and needs to be seen now. If infections are left untreated they can get into the blood stream and could result in death. Put modesty a side and have her get help NOW!

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (6 September 2008):

I think the first thing that needs to be done is to consult a doctor as she most likely needs medical attention

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