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My boyfriend wants me to suck him off!!!!

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Question - (13 February 2009) 8 Answers - (Newest, 14 February 2009)
A female United States age 22-25, *EYANiRA writes:

My boyfriend wants me to suck his penis... but when I try to do it I don't like it... I try to deep throat and stuff but I just don't know how to make him feel pleasure... I don't know how to do that.

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A female reader, HollyHeartbreak United Kingdom +, writes (14 February 2009):

HollyHeartbreak agony auntHey there.

My ex-bf tried wanted me to do this and I never enjoyed it either,though I felt forced into it.

If he's making you feel like that he can't force you into anything. Just explain to him you don't like it and hopefully he'll understand,and if you do want to pleasure him ask if there's any other ways you can pleasure him instead of sucking him off.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (14 February 2009):


Well...i had sex (with condoms)

he dumped me the 2nd day i got back from qld.

said i was prosessive and wouldn't give him space, like what the hell, he also told me that while we were having sex all i did was lay there (what does he expect for a girl to do who is new to sex?)

anyway, i love a new boyfriend.

His names Mitchell and he's 15 ( a year older then my ex)

and mitch can see how wrecked i am.

the reason im writing this is because i need help on advice on how to help mitchell tell his parents about me, what can i say to him for him to say to his rents??

his parents are apparently judgemental.

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A female reader, loving arms United Kingdom +, writes (14 February 2009):

any time you are asked to do something you do not like or really don't fancy doing, just don't do it. BRegardless of who its for. I always try to imagine that its a friend of mine with the problem and i'm advising them. This way a get the answer that is all about what my head thinks and not my heart. Try it you'll be surprised how often you already know the answers to your worries.

good luck

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A female reader, aunty_rach United Kingdom +, writes (14 February 2009):

ok not many girls can deep throat, except the porn stars! so don't try and do it if you can't. you will only gag and be sick. that's not nice for him or you.

if you dont want to give head to him, then don't. otherwise just lick and suck the top of his penis while you rub the rest with your hands.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (13 February 2009):

Here is the rub, If YOU don't want to do it then HE has absolutely no right to try and force you. If you find it less than enjoyable then too bad for him huh? If you do want to suck him off here are some tips babe. Learn your guys anatomy, The head of the penis known as the glans, the frenulum which is right under the head of the penis on the bottom of it, the corona which is the ring you see on the bottom of the glans, are the most sensitive spots on the penis. If he is lucky enough to be uncircumcised then the foreskin that wraps around the glans is also a great spot for stimulation. Ok anatomy lesson over. First things first are you POSITIVE he is STD and STI free? If not MAKE HIM GET TESTED!!! and I would recommend a condom, First of all for safety, and second if you don't want to taste his cum then you wont. no that were done with the mandatory safe sex talk we can move on to the fun part. Make sure your throat and mouth are dripping wet with saliva and just tease him a little bit with your tongue, start at the base where his balls meet his shaft and give it a lick up to the tip (vary how you do this, you can use just the tip of your tongue or wrap the whole tongue around it to give a wide stimulating lick) when you reach the tip wrap your lips around it and just tease him there, keep teasing him for awhile but not too long, as it can get frustrating to the guy. After you've got him all worked up take in the head and suck on it a little and wrap your hand around the base and squeeze lightly, then start bobbing your head on the head and shaft. (note you do not have to deep throat him! it takes time to desensitize your gag reflex!) Now you have him suck and bob (don't go after it fast like you see in porn flicks) go slow, and do not use your teeth, they're best kept under wrapped lips, play with his balls and maybe moan a little if your a good actor. After a while hes gonna cum now you can either let him go off in your mouth or pull off and rub him, if you let him go off in your mouth, do you spit or swallow? it's up to you! Many men like you to swallow but if you find it repulsive then don't YOU are in control! I hope this helps ya babe

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A male reader, Cerberus Ireland +, writes (13 February 2009):

Cerberus agony auntAnonymous reader, it is illegal for her to watch porn, you shouldn't be recommending that she break the law!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (13 February 2009):

Well to be quite honest the way I learned how to go down on a guy was by watching porn. They can teach you alot. If you don't like it don't do it but if you want to learn how to pleasure him watch adult movies.

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A male reader, Cerberus Ireland +, writes (13 February 2009):

Cerberus agony auntIf you don't like it, only do it on special occasions, don't try and deepthroat it's pointless, all the sensation is on the head of the penis so thats really the only part you should be focusing on and maybe a little bit further down.

Do the same motion as you do with a hand job, in and out, in a regular motion keeping a tight seal, sucking and using your tongue.

I would normally recommend not doing anything you don't like, but giving and recieving head is different, I didn't like giving head at the start, but as soon as I learned to do it right, it was worth it for the pleasure I was giving.

If you do it right it will be over in a matter of minutes anyway and we guys LOVE it.

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