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My boyfriend threatens to take away our baby!! I want to leave as he is violent!

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Question - (21 March 2007) 3 Answers - (Newest, 21 March 2007)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, *hirley1988 writes:

Hi im just need some help my boyfriend keeps putting hes hands up to me.

We have a 5month old baby together. I tell him I dont want to be with him anymore, but he then takes the baby and says i will never see him again and I dont no what to do please help??

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A female reader, agony aunt j United Kingdom +, writes (21 March 2007):

agony aunt j agony auntget out! leave as soon as you can! a man should never, EVER lay his hands on a woman, or even threat to! and if he's threatening to take you kid away, he's a wrongon. you have to leave when you can - dont even mention it to him. when he's out just up and leave. dont leave a note, tell him where you're going or anything. just go! stay with a freind or family member, and if he comes near you or your son tell the police. it's his son too but he shouldn't be making threats and things like that an dif he refuses to leave you alone he could possibly be done for harrassment. you may have to go to court because of your baby but i doubt it as you arent married.

just leave him, please, as soon as you can. he's obviously not a good bf, you dont need him.

good luck, keep in touch to tell me how it goes!

please dont ever let a man control you or keep you in fear.


things will be ok!


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A reader, anonymous, writes (21 March 2007):

You have to get away! You owe it to yourself and your baby to get away from this brute, please do not put up with it any longer. I know what i am talking about as i was married to a wife beater for a long time. Please do report him and tell as many people as you can. You will need their help later on - in case you need a witness or two. Please do not let this continue.There are lots of places for people to go to now, not like in the past when i needed help. The police and society take a dim view of men/women who abuse their partners so do not be afraid to shout out and ask for help. It makes me so mad to think that people exist and get away with this in this day and age, stop the pattern now, stamp it out.

Take care and keep in touch if you want.


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A female reader, Midge United Kingdom +, writes (21 March 2007):

Midge agony auntLeave! Any man or woman that puts their hand up to the one they are supposed to "love" is not worth crying over.

You have a baby that is at risk of being with an abusive parent and you obviosly love your child and wont want that for him.

There are plenty places for you to turn. Dont tell him your plans and leave when he is not there. That way there will be no confrontation. If you are a good parent, your partner will not be able to take your child away from you. The legal system that governs children will not allow a child to be placed with an abusive or potentially abusive parent.

Dependant on where you are, will depend on what support groups etc there are for woman and men in your situation. If you dont know of any and need a place to stay, contact your local police station and they will be able to give you the contact details.

Make arrangements to do this quickly! The sooner the better!

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