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My boyfriend acts like a spoiled brat and says I'm not a caring girlfriend

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Question - (10 August 2012) 2 Answers - (Newest, 10 August 2012)
A female South Africa age 36-40, *pumie writes:

Hi everyone. we've been dating for years and it seems like I will never understand what kind of man he is. We planned for holiday together an all of sudden his parents has to see him. From last week wednesday he was on leave an now on a holiday his parents want to see him. I didn't have a problem even though I'm disappointed. But he is accusing of not caring for him as I was suppose to ask how was his trip an what her parents where calling him for. I'm so angry cause he now act as a victim and I should apologies for not acting like a caring girlfriend. I'm so suffocated the thought of just drives crazy cause he acts like a kid a spoiled brat.

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A female reader, blonde30s United Kingdom +, writes (10 August 2012):

blonde30s agony auntwhy are you still with this guy if he is treating you this way. dont put up with him and move on.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (10 August 2012):

No, he should go on a trip with u. It was all planned and his parents could see him some othe time

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