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Is my boyfriend using me financially?

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Question - (9 April 2010) 2 Answers - (Newest, 10 April 2010)
A female United Kingdom age 36-40, anonymous writes:

hi all heres the thing my bf i think is using me see when i met him he wasnt working and been going around looking for work and things . anyway hes getting benifits and things and just well when he gets paided he will spend it so quickly like in day and then ask me for me money which makes me feel bad when i say no to him .

anyway i told him off today cause ive booked a place for us for the weekend in sumer and he hasnt saved a penny but been spending his . then when i asked him to meet me somewhere he told me how he needs to save money and cant travel on the bus so i told him i need to save money and cant drive round to his as i always do this . am i being silly or is he

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A female reader, sweetspicy United States +, writes (10 April 2010):

sweetspicy agony auntWhen he gets paid take a portion of his money and put it in a bank account for when he really needs it. It doesnt seem like he's a bad guy but it should be 50/50 half and half, you and him working together as a team not 50/30 or some where inbetween. Dont feel bad for him, he doesnt feel bad that your paying for every thing. There are still guys out there that are not rich and are curtious of there girl friends: holding the car door open for them, taking them for a walk, and keeping them out of trouble. You dont need money to have a nice evening but you do need money if you plan on living together.

I had this problem w/ my most recent ex he was working and getting paid nice yet I had no job and I was expected to pay the rent because the lease was in my name. He used me for grocceries, a place to stay, my car, and the only chorr he ever did was taking out the trash. I was the one scrubing the bathroom doing his dishes and making dinner. It ended very badly, so if you see this sort of thing happening run away!

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A male reader, CaringGuy United Kingdom +, writes (10 April 2010):

I'd say that this is a man you need to avoid. There are some great guys who maybe don't get a break and don't have the money. But this guy is just spending then expecting you to pick up the tab. He even had the nerve to throw it all back on your face. I think you can do better.

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