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Is it safe to masturbate in the shower?

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Question - (15 July 2007) 6 Answers - (Newest, 18 July 2007)
A male United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

I'm 14 and have had a sexual urge to masturbate daily for the last year and watch pornographey is this normal? Secondly I feel guilty by doing so I don't understand why it seems I enjoy it. I don't mean to be in detail but after I have done it I always feel guilty. I'm not religous although I think it's because only I know I do it and not my family etc.

Secondly is it safe to do so in the shower?


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A male reader, anonymous, writes (18 July 2007):

I always feel that after masturbating. I'd always say "Why did I do that.. What a dumbass I am..." Then later, here we go again... :D

Shower? Go ahead! But for me, I don't like masturbating in the shower. I like to be dry while masturbating... I feel hornier...

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (15 July 2007):

its perfectly normal! everyone has done wouldnt be normal not to do it specialy at ure age you like to find out about urself and whats happing with ure sexual struxture dude theres nothink rong with masterbating alot of people find it helps if they are under stress...and for the shower thing yes it is safe to do it in the shower (although i cant really see why) as long as you dont slip and get to carryed away hehehe take care babe and if you want to talk to me mail me :-)


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A reader, anonymous, writes (15 July 2007):

In terms of the porn thing, I don't think it's the best thing in the world to do because it can get a hold on you. You are curious and that is understandable, but if you rely on porn, you can get to a point where you need it to get excited. You do not want to get there. As long as you are casually exploring, that's fine. Addiction comes when you need to look at it to relax somehow, or it becomes a habit that you can't break if you really tried. I've been there with porn, and it is not pretty. People probably know that you masturbate or just assume, but the porn thing might not be known. I know what helped me to stop was the fear that people would discover just how much I looked and what I looked at. You also might be afraid to discover just what kind of weird and sick things could end up turning you on.

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A male reader, bmegaman899 United States +, writes (15 July 2007):

dude it is soo normal to do this BELIEVE ME lol but yeah yourjust going through a sexual phase which you will get over once you have had a sexual encounter with someone.... but dont worry bro you are just growing up it is absolutely normal

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A female reader, kristinakutie United States +, writes (15 July 2007):

kristinakutie agony auntIt is perfectly normal to masterbate everyday. i mean every1 does it. you dont need to feel guilty about it because its a natural thing, and its part of growing up. watching porn is also a normal thing. i mean i dont think i know anyone who hasnt looked at porn at least once, its completely normal along with masturbating. and yes its safe to masterbate in the shower, just try not to get too into it because you mite fall and that wouldnt be good =)

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A male reader, Jamer70 United Kingdom +, writes (15 July 2007):

Jamer70 agony auntIts very normal to have the urge to masterbate it happens to all of us. Men and women. no you shouldnt feel guilty for doing something completly normal for someone your age and for someone alive!! basically. Exploring yourself sexually can be enjoyable and its very normal to enjoy it.

Yes its safe to masterbate in the shower like dixiegirl said dont slip and hurt yourself, otherwise your fine.

Masterbation is normal and at times can be healthier for sexual release than sleeping around. If you enjoy ir continue it!

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