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I'm having sex with mother and daughter... but this can't carry on...

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Question - (12 February 2009) 8 Answers - (Newest, 7 May 2010)
A male United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:

This may sound like every man's dream but I've gotten myself in to something that I don't know how to get out of.

About three months ago, I met a woman at work who is older than me. She is 46 but certainly looks good for her age. We both share an interest in gardening and she invited me round to view her garden, which is amazing, and to help her move some plants and other stuff around. After a couple of hours she asked me if I would like a coffee in the kitchen. I obliged. After talking in the kitchen for about an hour I asked if I may use the bathroom. I went upstairs and used the bathroom accordingly. When I exited the bathroom, she was waiting on the landing for me. I asked if she was ok. Then, to my surprise, she grabbed me and kissed me. I tried to push her away at first but in the end I couldn't resist. She led me to her bedroom and we had the most mind blowing sex, all day, that I ever thought was possible. She has been sterilised and cannot get pregnant. We kept the relationship casual but remained exclusive to each other.

After about a month of us seeing each other, her daughter came home from work early one day while I was doing the gardening. My casual lady friend had gone to do some shopping and went to the kitchen to get myself some water. I went in to the living room and sat down for a break. The daughter, who is 23 and just as sexy as her mother, said she knew what was going on between me and her mother. I couldn't really deny what was going on. She then said that she wanted to see what all the fuss was about and unzipped my trousers. I should have stopped her but I didn't. She gave me oral sex and then we had full sex right there in the living room. We finished before her mother returned. Feeling a bit bemused by what had happened, I made my excuses to her mother and left.

But for the past two months I have been seeing them both on a casual basis. But the thing is, her mother knows that I am having sex with her daughter as well as her. Usually it's on the same night! Sometimes they even flip a coin to see who will go first! At first I thought this was the most amazing situation that I could find myself in but now I'm really uneasy about the whole thing and just want out! But at the same time I can't tear myself away from these amazing women! Should I just cut all contact and never see either of them again on a personal level? I'm not sure how to go about it and I'm worried what might happen. I know I only have myself to blame for getting in to this but please, I need help!

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A male reader, intofamfun United States +, writes (7 May 2010):

i would ask if they wanted to share you as well as each other that way it can go on nothing would be a better turn on than to watch a mother and daughter share you and each other what a great time

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A male reader, andy12345678 United States +, writes (16 July 2009):

You are one lucky dude! Keep it up!!!

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A male reader, tdogg789 United States +, writes (11 July 2009):

i say keep on doing them both. they dont care so you shouldnt either. hell send them my way i will do them both. i think you should try to get them in on a 3 way action. couldnt hurt. i would love to be banging the hell out of a hot mother/daughter team. you sure are one lucky dude. shot man you should video tape it and post it on the web. i bet they wouldnt care. you could even make some money. just my sick perverted way of thinking. lol

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A female reader, Artistry United States +, writes (12 February 2009):

Artistry agony auntHi there, Well aren't you the cat's meow? :o) The only problem I see here is, that is since everybody seems to be taking this all in stride, and no one must love anyone, it's all a sex thing, I guess, if the younger one gets preggers, what then? Marry her, and keep having sex with the mother, this really sounds like a movie or something.

My thought would be to leave now while the going is good, because soemwhere, somebody is going to get jealous, and I would not want to be buried in somebodies back yard, because I would'nt continue the game. I've watched too many mystery movies. Good luck, be careful, human behavior is hard to predict, these ladies are not your typical ladies in waiting. Let us know how you resolve all of it.

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A female reader, masquerade711 Canada +, writes (12 February 2009):

masquerade711 agony auntIf you feel it needs to stop, then stop it. They both seem to be ok with it, so it's not like you're pitting one against the other, but if you don't feel right about it you need to tell them. And yes, cut all contact with them if you truly want this to stop. You might be looking for a more complex answer, but there isn't really one to give. This situation is simple. If something feels wrong, it probably is, so get out fast. Good luck.


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A reader, anonymous, writes (12 February 2009):

So what's the problem? Everyone knows what's going on and approves of it. The only help you might need is a few packets of Viagra to keep you going.

Some people just don't know when their luck has changed for the better. If I were you I wouldn't do too many energetic jobs in the garden and save your strength for later.

When they start to fight over you that would be the time to call it a day - but I bet you'd go back for more of the same at a later date.

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A female reader, kathybumble United Kingdom +, writes (12 February 2009):

Get a grip, you have them eating out of your hand, I can't see the problem. Many men would love to be in your situation, if I was a man I would just keep with it long as you use protection, good luck stud.

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A female reader, Joey5000 South Africa +, writes (12 February 2009):

If I were you I would cut all contact. Why do you do it if you don't want to? These women are just wasting your time, you need run as fast as you can. I hope you used protection though.

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