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I'm a virgin. I do find women attractive especially their breasts. But I look at men too. Am I gay or not?

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Question - (24 April 2013) 3 Answers - (Newest, 25 April 2013)
A male United States age 36-40, *ightingme writes:

Hi, I am guy in my early 30’s and I am unsure if I am gay or not. I am a virgin and I have kissed a girl but nothing more.

I do find other guys attractive. I find their muscles and athletic appearance attractive. When I am jerking off I think about guys that were small growing huge muscles, or growing very fat. T

here is never any sex or thoughts of male sexual organs. I was very small growing up and I was always very envious of the other kids that were bigger than me. I was and still am very shy and lonely and do not want to die alone.

As I said I do find women attractive especially their breasts, and do want to have sex with them. When I do think about sex with another guy it is not appealing to me at all, I do not have any interest in doing that.

I have never done anything with another guy

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A female reader, raiders United States +, writes (25 April 2013):

raiders agony auntYou have to date probably date them both and see which one interest you the most. The one that excite you could determine your sexual orientation, but if you masturbate to men than most likely that is who you are interested. You might find it a little hard coming out of the closet which is normal.

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A male reader, CMMP United States + , writes (25 April 2013):

You're not gay, but you aren't straight either. Like most people you don't have a label that is 100% accurate. If the idea of being in love with man and making love to him is a turn off, then you're obviously not gay.

You need to get off your butt and meet people! You are probably afraid of rejection... If you don't get over that you may die a virgin. Trust me, sex is worth being rejected once or twice. Most women are nice enough not to make you feel like crap when they're not interested.

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A female reader, person12345 United States +, writes (25 April 2013):

person12345 agony auntMost of the gay guys I know love women's breasts, but don't find them sexually attractive. One of psychologist friends told me that usually the easiest way to tell your sexuality is what you think about when you masturbate (not porn, the things you yourself think about).

I think you just need to get out and experiment a little, with an open mind. You could be straight, gay, or anywhere in between.

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