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I want my ex back-but she's with another guy. Should I leave her alone?

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Question - (28 November 2005) 6 Answers - (Newest, 15 August 2010)
A male , anonymous writes:

Any tips?

My ex is with another man. I desperately want her back. I've told her this, she's listened to me. She's not told me no or yes. She keeps saying she needs time to live a little. I can't work out whether she's serious with this guy or whether she's just experiencing other things before she comes back to me. I've written and called her but now she says she needs time to live a little by herself...and that I should leave her alone.

Should I leaver her alone? Or will this let the other guy get more of a foothold in her life? Or should I try and remind her that I'm here and waiting? Or would that scare her off? So confused, any ideas welcome. Thanks, Dom.

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A male reader, aceandy14 United Kingdom +, writes (15 August 2010):

hey dude

i know your pain so plkease just read what i say so that u may avoid the same pain.

like your situation, my girl left me so that she can "live a little life" b4 she commits, or in my words, "mattures" lol.

basically your girl is with some1 else, and u cant force her to be with you, and to hurt the other guy. what i had to do was tell her i was happy for her, and that ill support her whatever her choice...

she will probs stay with him, like my girl kept on getting with any guy who bought her a drink. but after a while if they break up after a long relationship then she might have realised all the little details she missed that u offered. and by supporting her all that time she knows ur there, she knows u care, she knows ur decent. then and only then do you have the chance to work your magic and charm her back.

me, i got over my ex as she got pregnant and never knew the father, shes made mistakes but i still support her, but only as a friend.

so i wish you luck and put on a brave face then man up :p

goodluck, hope something ive said makes a little sense :)

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (12 March 2006):

What i think about this is you should try and remind her that you are here and waiting,and tell her how much you love her.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (19 February 2006):

I'm in the same boat as you buddy, but I told her that I missed her and then did not contact her anymore,I started going out and started dating other woman and she found out and now she wont leave me alone,but my feelings for her have change I feel like if she would leave me to go back to her ex, well fuck her she not worth keeping!! THEY NAME STREETS AFTER WOMAN LIKE THAT- "ONE-WAY"

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (2 December 2005):

I am in a similiar situation, I dated this girl for 11 months, she moved to Michigan to attend school there. It's been 7 months since we broke up, and all I do is think about her. My advice to you Dom, is to break off communication with your ex completely. Take what you've learned from that relationship and move on, you will get over it in time. But you have to WANT to get over her.

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A female reader, Bestfrend +, writes (28 November 2005):

If your girlfriend needs to be "reminded that you are here" absolutely no doubt but you need to find someone who does not need any reminders!!

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A female reader, sexseahot United States +, writes (28 November 2005):

sexseahot agony auntShe has already told you to leave her alone. What other answers could you possibly need. She has found someone else, so why would you keep trying to get her back. Why don't you go and find someone else that's available. You may still want this girl, but she obviously don't feel the same and you're the one that's going to be hurt in the longrun, which isn't fair to you and you can prevent that from happening by not calling her and trying to contact her. Leave her alone and go on with your life as she wants to do with hers.

If you really care about her, you will respect her wishes and if and when she wants you back, I'm sure she'll make it a point to let you know that she wants you back in her life. Don't just be waiting around for her though, go out and have fun and live a little yourself. Maybe you need a change and some new people to talk to. I'm sure you would be able to find someone else yourself just like she has to make you forget about her.

Good Luck!!!

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