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I took him back, but I don't love him anymore.

Tagged as: Breaking up, Cheating, Family, Troubled relationships, Trust issues<< Previous question   Next question >>
Question - (31 July 2011) 1 Answers - (Newest, 31 July 2011)
A female United States age 36-40, *ilchata writes:

I've been with my husband going on 12yrs. this Aug. we been married going on 9yr. we have 4 little boys. what i need is a mans view,we were arguing a lot but nothing serious,or so i thought,well he left me for a girl who ive never met ,but he was gone for 13 days but by the 7th day he was calling buggin telling me he made a misstake he wants to come back home,i just foward his calls,but the 13 day i took the boys to see him,and started crying,saying sorry told that other girl in front of me he will always love me he dont want anything to do with her,so yes i brought him home,but truthful I will aways love him he gave me my boys,but Im worried Im not in love him anymore, since i took him back this time he might think he can do it again??how could i trust him?????,or will i ever be able to trust him,or just tell him goodbye,i no he still loves me but im not sure if i still love him,WHAT SHOULD I DO SAVE US OR SAY GOODBYE?

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A male reader, mrg123 United Kingdom +, writes (31 July 2011):

mrg123 agony auntWell I think there are serious issues in your relationship that need addressing. Why did he go with somebody else? You obviously need to sort that out for a start, find out why and deal with the issues that caused that. What were you arguing about?

Secondly, you need to decide how you feel. Is it possible you are not 'in love' with him because your not allowing yourself to be (understandably) as a protective mechanism because you don't trust him? You may well love him as a person but not feel like you want to be in a relationship with him because of the lack of trust. You have to ask yourself if think you can ever let those barriers down again and fully trust him. The answer to that is the answer to your question; if you can see that happening then yes you should at least try, if you can't then it's over I feel. Good luck whatever you decide :)x

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