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I think there is something between do I tell her?

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Question - (21 February 2009) 3 Answers - (Newest, 22 February 2009)
A female United Kingdom age 22-25, *odaii writes:

Well, Im 15, bi and recently came out to my friends. One of my friends I am really close to (lets call her X), and I really fancy her and months ago she said she was bi, but then told our other friend that she was not. Then, a few minutes after I said it, she also said "I'm bi". Our friends are totally ok with it, which is good. That saturday me and X went to town, and I think i was testing her, I pinched one of her chocolate bars and put it in my back pocket, poking out to see if she would take it. She did. Then later, she put her arm round me and there where loads of little things that just made me believe a bit more taht she was bi/gay.

The next time me and X went out it was to see a musical, in which i couldnt take my eyes off one of the female dancers, and she kept going "Cor....Her legs!" at this other dancer, who i thought was kinda scary, but that could just be me. All through it, our shoulders and elbows kept meeting and staying touching for ages, and she kept whispering sexish remarks in my ear. At one point, she said outloud "Orgy". After I stared at her few a few seconds she went pale and said "Did I say that out loud?". She has a very dirty mind. Later we were going through the ticket barrier at the station and my ticket took some encouragement to go through and she said "its bent" then whispered down my ear "LIKE YOU". Then later she told me she is definatly bi, 100%, so I now believe that she is.

I feel there is something between us, but please, so you think that she likes me, in that way?

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A female reader, Tuyen United Kingdom +, writes (22 February 2009):

Tuyen agony auntWell I think that the reason she told you that she's bisexual and then told another friend that she's not is because she trusts you. She feels comfortable around you.

Like you tested her with the chocolate, she's testing you too. Like when she said aloud "orgy", that was intentional, to see how you'd react.

She definately does like you, though. She's showing all of the right signs. I think that she's too scared to make the first move though, because maybe like you, she's wondering if you like her aswell. So if you feel confident enough, why don't you talk to her in private and tell her that you're into her?

Although I must say that she could feel a little insecure about her sexuality, so be careful on that one. Like I said earlier, it seems like she trusts you and feels comfortable around you, so telling her how you feel in front of others would probably not be the best thing.

I hope this has helped. Good luck. Let me know how you get on. Tuyen =) x

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A female reader, jodaii United Kingdom +, writes (21 February 2009):

jodaii is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Thanks, but no, she is definatly bi. Also, shes is obsessed with gay men and anything/body gay. We're really good friends and i dont wanna risk our friendship, so i just want to find out if anyone else thinks she likes me before I try anything

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A female reader, lilly123 United Kingdom +, writes (21 February 2009):

lilly123 agony auntshe could like you if she is bi but she could just be playing games with you or the things that you have described could not mean anything. you should just ask her otherwise you may never no she could be afraid to make the first move so go for it!

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