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I think she loves me, but I don't know?

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Question - (31 December 2009) 2 Answers - (Newest, 1 January 2010)
A male United States age 22-25, *ohn4563 writes:

Okay so there is this girl that was having problems with her boyfriend and was really sad all the time so I talked to her and gave her some advice on what to do. Then we started talking all the time and then we started flirting with each other, keep in mind she still has a boyfriend and she is 18 and I'm 14, age really doesn't matter to me, but anyway and then we started hanging out alot, going for walks, going to lunch, and waching movies. While we were watching movies we cuddled. We text all the time and the past week she called me and we have talked for the last week. Oh and we have the best hugs ever. And she sends me a lot of messages with 3 and then she will say "I......". And she says she wants to be with me. And now her boyfriend is in town for the holidays and due is always with him, she has told me 5 million times that she is going to break up with but she never does, she told me last night that I should find someone else. I don't want to because I love her she is an amazing person and I don't want to live without her. What can I do to show her that I love her. I think she loves me but I don't know. Somebody help me please..

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A male reader, IgnoredSnail United Kingdom +, writes (1 January 2010):

To me it sounds like shes just messing you around to her its great your around when her boyfriend is'nt to give her the attention she needs but when he's back she has him to give it to her you will always be that person to give her the attention she wants nothing more nothing less. I would personally forget about her and move on.

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A male reader, SepticOrc Japan +, writes (1 January 2010):

SepticOrc agony aunt This almost excact thing happened to me just about a year ago when I waas about 13. We cuddled, kissed, ect,. Finally, I just told her that we coulen't do this anymore. She understood completely. The moral of the story here is: just drop her man. Men find women because they want care, attention, and sex. You are most likely to miss out on the sex and attention, and she will always be calling you 'little' or treating you like a small child. Just tell her you have to go adn find someone in your age group.

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