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I like being his friend but I'd like to be more

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Question - (28 August 2015) 1 Answers - (Newest, 28 August 2015)
A female United Kingdom age 22-25, anonymous writes:

My friend and I are very close. I feel like I'm able to tell him everything and really act like myself. I think he is the same. We are always touching each other whether it's a hug or a pat on the leg or even play fighting! I love being his friend, but honestly I'd like more than that.. It'd be painful for me to see him with someone else.

We have had a bit of 'history' we have kissed a few times in the past. However he wanted to continue being friends.

He is in his late 20s and me in my early 20s.

What can I do? I would like to be his friend, but I'd like more. However if I tell him my real feelings, I jeopardise what we have.

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A male reader, BrownWolf Canada +, writes (28 August 2015):

BrownWolf agony aunt

If you see him with someone else because you said nothing, that will jeopardise things too...yes?

Better to know where you stand so you can start looking for a guy of your own, or start working on building a romantic relationship with your friend.

Kind of defeats the "I feel like I'm able to tell him everything" in the relationship you have now...right :)))

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