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I have never found true love, but why can't a nice man find me?!!

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Question - (18 July 2008) 2 Answers - (Newest, 30 May 2009)
A female United Kingdom age , anonymous writes:

I feel quite "depressed" I have never found true love even at my age. I was married young and it lasted a few years but I loved him and in hindsight not sure if he ever did love me and I have had dates and male friends - bu-rt do you know no one has ever really loved me. They say I am attactive and good company and I have met men who say I ought to be married BUT it seems as long as its not with them (or they might already be married- so cant) So it seems hopeless that I am ever going to find LOVE!! I dont know why and I just take life as it is but I feel as If I havge watsed my life and the ladeis at work say Im attractive and a nice person so why cant a man FIND me.

I belong to an evening class but there is no one suitable there they are all married. I know age is a problem but it looks as if I am doomed for a lonely old age

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A male reader, bowelhead Ireland +, writes (30 May 2009):

I never managed it either.I'm 35 and apparently,reasonably okay looking.Not that it helps,but there are millions of people in the same boat.You seem,a very sensitive and kind person,so chin up.Maybe the trick is not to become hardened and cynical.I'll bet you have a beautiful smile that is so seldom used.Life is fleeting.Be vivacious,girl!Carpe Dioum."gather ye rose buds,while ye may" etc.

Jesus,I should take my own advise,come to think of it.

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A female reader, petina1 United Kingdom +, writes (4 December 2008):

petina1 agony auntI would try to just enjoy what you do have. Being in love is not the be all and end all of y our life and it's not wasted. True , you may never find true love. I often wonder how many married people are in 'true love', I'll bet theres loads. A lot marry for companionship and the divorce rates are a record high. So to be honest youre not missing out on as much as you think. Some people will actually envy you because you are independant and can please yourself what you do. You sound like you are living an interesting life doing other things. My father got married again on his 64th Birthday and I used to think, there's hope for us all, so don't give up. hope this helps.

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