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I had sexual experiances with my aunt!

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Question - (20 October 2009) 12 Answers - (Newest, 28 October 2009)
A male India age 36-40, *oolAndCoolest writes:

it is long time back when i was a teen i used to get lot of sexual urges to ,my aunt. she was not a super beauty. we used to stay in the same house.

i remember it started after when i noticed that she, when such a situation occurred, kept her breasts pressed on my hand and i felt she was getting aroused.

it was some sort of a first feel i had and sort of first experience.

i noticed that she was forcing to my hand and i clearly understood that she did it purposefully. she used to be very decent.

any ways, after this incident i started getting a special feel for her. i used to masturbate thinking we having sex...

by my age of 16 i got a chance and courage to ask some questions about sex to her. she did not talk anything and seeked to be giving less care.

after a week or some she asked me to go with her to another house of ours for cleaning and talking somethings. after reaching there in privacy she opened up ans asked what are the doubts that i have regarding sexual matters and she acted very free. i got a good chance and i asked everything and she replied me all. and i asked her about breasts and she told there is nothing very special about it to be so caring about. i asked i want to feel how it is. she then came close to me and asked to feel. i pressed and examined for quite a while and opened her blouse and bra to see and feel it bare. she did not hesitate and like that it was all over. she told me how to masturbate and adviced me not to do it so often and not to think about sex all the time.

such were my experiences.

now the condition is she is in her direction and im married, still i have feelings towards her.

now i have mixed thinkings.

one is: i think she wanted me to take initiative for a love making session.

or she was just giving a chance for her sweet nephew, to feel and understand what a woman is... (any how i did not got for prostitutes and all- i think as i had some experiences and i was content during those days because of my lessons i was not interested in prostitutes ...).

in fact i have sexual feelings for her nowadays.

please help me understand my own situation? how should i take it and consider it?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (28 October 2009):


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A female reader, Tisha-1 United States + , writes (26 October 2009):

Tisha-1 agony auntHi, you seem very interested in female members of your family. Perhaps it's just a phase of hypersexuality combined with some poor judgement? Perhaps if you consider what your father and mother would think of you if you ever acted on your desires, you will not do something that will cause a family rift.

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A male reader, CoolAndCoolest India +, writes (26 October 2009):

CoolAndCoolest is verified as being by the original poster of the question

start ligths,

i was lil pained to hearing the suggestion - 'How do you know your aunt has not done the same technique with other nephews/ men?'. sorry.

i understand what starlights told. but if she enjoyed, i am readt to accept it.

i now want to think her as a good woman and I am ready to accept that there is nothing going to happen in between us.

i made my mind not to go in that line.

thanks for all who gave suggestions....

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A reader, anonymous, writes (22 October 2009):

Confront her and find out what this really is all about. There is no use beating around the bush, you have a wife who depends on you. You need to get your head on straight and get the whole truth from your aunt and not cryptic urges.

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A female reader, Starlights United Kingdom +, writes (22 October 2009):

Starlights agony auntYour aunt was teasing you and playing with you.

She should be ashamed of herself because at that time you was so young and vulnerable.

How do you know your aunt has not done the same technique with other nephews/ men?

you need to be very careful because she is a member of your family and dont pursue this.

Think of your future in your particular society, i know of these types of situations and they will always be there in your life haunting you if you dont close the door to them.

Hope this helps & Goodluck.

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A male reader, CoolAndCoolest India +, writes (22 October 2009):

CoolAndCoolest is verified as being by the original poster of the question

hi all who delivered good advices,

i didnot know that she was misusing me. in my perspective i was bad. i believe i misbehaved to my fathers sister.

i never used to think from her sexual feel perspective.

as suggested i have serious doubts about her also, when try to connect and think. i used to peep into her bathroom before and finally i started asking questions. once in secrecy i read her personal diary out of curiosity and found that one a specific day she wrote some thing which mentioned that she saw me peeping. the mention date was correct, i guess she was mentioning about me.

later i told her that i ised to peep, she just laughed.

and after the entire episode, we used to be very friendly that we used to shave each others under arms once in a while it is required. she was feeling very ok to stnd topless before me. she used to tease me some times. says sex jokes. once i thought i it will be ok to ask her whether i can have her in bed.

there were several times after i was alloed to examine her body, she came to me for back massages. i am suspicious because she used to do everything when we were in private.

in public she used to behave very normally as like my other aunts.

i am not sure these strange experiences are that only i had?

is this a common happening that most guys have?

are aunts used to be such free towards nephews?

i mostly observed that any sort of sexual things i had to initiate and she rarely asked me to do a particular thing...

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A female reader, Starlights United Kingdom +, writes (21 October 2009):

Starlights agony auntVectra, if my friends uncle had run off with her it still would have been wrong. They shouldnt have had sex in the first place it should not have gotten that far. Now it has it means she is the one who will have the burden and guilt (its not like she could tell all to a culture which is reserved)

This is why I was telling the asker to rethink the consequences of even going with his aunt because in our type of culture this WOULD NEVER be accepted and they would live with shame in that society.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (20 October 2009):

Starlight. If the uncle had chosen to marry her would that have made it ok ? He had still abused his position. We all know right from wrong. Sometimes i dont say stuff like " you shouldnt have sex with your aunty" because think everybody knows that.

But it happens.

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A female reader, Starlights United Kingdom +, writes (20 October 2009):

Starlights agony auntI think your aunt was being very selfish by playing with your feelings.

Regardless who she is in relation to you, at that time she was in a position of trust and you were near enough a child with hormones racing.

Im sorry but this type of behavior from your aunt was unacceptable. She was in a position of high trust and you went to her for advice about sex & growing up, not a biology lesson!

I think you should consider it this way, you need to try and forget her. Or in future being from the society you are from it will cause many further complications for you.

For example I have a friend whose uncle took advantage of his position of trust and they had a full blown affair (he was married with a kid). I did try and warn her not to go there but she didnt listen! she like you wanted to go further with her uncle.

Eventually she realised this guy was playing with her and he would never leave his family because of the fear he had for his society.

This was over 4 years ago and to this day my friend cant stand him in the same room! Now whenever a function comes up she needs to face him pretending nothing has happened and lie to her society. It will be even harder when she eventually marries because this uncle will always be in her and her future husband's life.

Consider the consequences and forget your aunt.


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A reader, anonymous, writes (20 October 2009):

I thought my Aunty was pretty cool for making toffee.

How much older than you is she ? I ask because if she wasnt much older its no big deal. Cousins often marry. If she was forty she is very norty.

Sixty and i will vomit on you.

I'm wondering why has there been 10 years between that incident and now.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (20 October 2009):

Don't go there.

Your aunt shouldn't be someone to have sexual feelings for, and particularly in your location, it could be considered incestuous (i.e. non-chaste, which is what incest literally means!)

I'm not telling you how to feel, but warning of the consequences.

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A male reader, CaringGuy United Kingdom +, writes (20 October 2009):

This is your aunt. Don't touch her. It doesn't matter waht she was thinking.

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