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I believe that many women nowadays are still subliminally influenced by tendencies towards subservience and even direct obedience to the partner

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Article - (18 March 2017) 0 Comments - (Newest, )
A female United Kingdom age 41-50, angelvoice writes:

Amazing to admit to it, but I think particularly those of us from 'Gereration X', born between around 1960 and 80, often carry around with us residues of the sexual dominance of the male, prevalent among many of our parents' generation.

I believe that many women nowadays are still subliminally influenced by tendencies towards subservience and even direct obedience to the partner.

They can often be feminist in ideology, and working avidly towards breaking any glass ceilings in the world of work, but when it comes to home life, for many, resolving conflict and achieving balance of status proves confusing. The 'inner woman' is fighting, in a very surreptitious way, the successful outward woman she presents in the public scene.

I think that my addressing of the 'needy' characteristic is also very much related to individual personality type.

Men admire independent women who have a successful career, goals,

opinions on world affairs and politics that are not just imitating his views.

Needy women often worry and are particularly possessive of their partner, as he has been made into our world emotionally.

They tend to ask far too many questions, particularly about their partner's plans and movements, sometimes asking if they can accompany him.

All men need space, and plenty of it. They enjoy each other's

company and like to discuss topics that would not tie in with a girlfriend's interfering presence, especially on an innocent 'Lad's Night'.

He will sometimes feel positively pleased if you have something planned, and also it is crucial for you to have your own hobbies and interests. Something that could generate an extra income would cause particular admiration in him.

Never ask paranoid questions about his day-to-day dealings with women, or his platonic friends. Stop opening handwritten mail (something I've been guilty of in the past!)

So, Miss Needies, don't ask questions, develop your own strengths and passions, and give him some space. He doesn't need to be in your company all the time to love you deeply.

Don't show an anxious tendency, that is a no-no and doesn't appeal to your man.

Rest back, breathe deeply, and know that you hold a unique place in his heart. He'll rush towards you at the right time...

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