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How to spoil your man?

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Question - (25 June 2009) 5 Answers - (Newest, 26 June 2009)
A female Jordan age 30-35, *ome gurl writes:

Hi all,

this time i am seeking suggestions more than answers, actually i want to learn some approaches to spoil my man, he is a really hard worker, and he deserves to be appreciated for that.. what am asking for here, is not a one romantic night to spend together, i want to spoil him every single day of our life, without seeming annoying or mother-like wife :)

Do you have any suggestions?

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A female reader, SirenaBlusera Mexico +, writes (26 June 2009):

SirenaBlusera agony auntI don't have a boyfriend or husband right now, but I have some ideas. Perhaps if you're musically inclined, you could sing to him or play a song for him?

I've always thought that was so sweet, perhaps because I heard a song where that happened and it's taken on a sentimental meaning.

Maybe some people will think I'm weird (who cares, lol) but my dog and cat LOVE to hear me sing and play the guitar. If I had a boyfriend, it would have to be someone who appreciates my music. :)

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (26 June 2009):

Make him mixed cds.... put on the radio station he wants to listens and the channels he likes. run baths for him. cook for him. tea to wake him up, similarly with breakfast..

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A female reader, TasteofIndia United States +, writes (26 June 2009):

TasteofIndia agony auntMassages ALWAYS make my fella feel spoiled!! And usually I can convince him to return the favor! :o)

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A reader, anonymous, writes (25 June 2009):

Well you only really want to do this in moderation so that he doesn't become dependent and even expectant on your giving behavior. Relationships should be 50/50.

But enough of that..

When my man is tired at home I clean up his dishes for him, take his shoes off, lay him down in my lap and scratch his head, back, stomach until he falls asleep. Or I lay his head on my chest becuase he loves it of course, and falls asleep almost instantly.. lol. Like a baby i suppose.

And when i can tell he's having a sex dream, I grab hold and participate, if you know what i'm saying.. it's a nice way of waking up for him..

My way of spoiling him, as you put it, is not to buy him things and constantly do evrthing for him. It's simply to make him feel like he is truely loved. To make him feel comfortable, and like i'm never going anywhere. LIke he is amazing.. And all of that is true.. so it's not hard.

Becuase as far as buying things for him, that's not gonna be so good in a couple of years. Relationships and love should be built off feelings and affection in my opionion, not materials.


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A female reader, Mushroomfantasy United Kingdom +, writes (25 June 2009):

Mushroomfantasy agony auntWhat men like, well most average hard-workin love your wife family man kind of men like...

their favourite meal slouched on the sofa watching television with their lovin wife nuzzled into their chest.

Like 'brinner' breakfast for dinner, pancakes, toast, bacon etc....

ask him what he loves to do, and dedicate a whole day to him.

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