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How scientifically legitimate is Jelqing?

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Question - (31 January 2011) 0 Answers - (Newest, )
A male United States age 22-25, anonymous writes:

How scientifically legitimate is Jelqing? I know theres a little bit about it on Wikipedia. but it seems to give a very ambiguous picture that doesn't allow for a decision to be made. (it says no studies have proven it, yet I can't find a study even about the subject)

There are entire websites and forums that basically mirror typical workout forums for Jelqing and it seems to have a cult following so my questions, to anyone who does Jelq, has Jelqed or has some intimate knowledge of it are

1. Is Jelqing real and effective, at least half proven to work anatomically? Are the gains made by the tons of adolescent Jelqers just normal growth?

2. Is it basically, as far as routine and resting goes, just like regular lifting or working out, requiring discipline, a particular diet or anything?

3.Who should jelq? Is there a certain size (say average?) where Jelqing wont have any effect? Is there cap for how much it can work?

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