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How long does it take to get "loose"?

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Question - (17 March 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 29 September 2008)
A female United States age 26-29, *ofOPsych11 writes:

How long does it take to get "loose"? I have been having sex with the same guy for two years and he is about 5 inches. Will this make me loose? Can I ever buy a vibrator or will this also make me loose? I have been doing kegals, but I just want to make sure I won't be loose .... or scarier am already loose!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (29 September 2008):

Dont worry about getting loose.. my guy friend told me girls dont really get loose.. your hole is like a muscle after sex it tightens back unless your afreakin porn star or your doing it 10 times a day is a digfferent story..

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A female reader, natasia United Kingdom +, writes (18 March 2008):

natasia agony auntLoose?? Well, I don't think a 5" guy is going to do that to you, or any kind of guy, really - it's not to do with that (unless, I guess, you're a porn star using 20" dildos every day ...). It's to do with the size you are to start with (which varies as much as penis size), and age, and muscle tone. You don't need to worry now! And of course the biggest thing is if you have a baby - sure fire way to make what was once a narrow ravine into a 10-lane freeway, I'm afraid. : ) Really, don't worry. Doing the kegels is good, though - keep those up, and you're doing all you can.

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A male reader, Collaroy Australia +, writes (17 March 2008):

Collaroy agony auntHi,

look forget about it. Stop worrying it doesnt matter.

Some men also worry about their penis being not big enough to satisfy their partners. But the reality is different, you can have the biggest penis or the tightest vagina it makes little difference to your performance . It is the emotional intimacy which makes sex great not the size of the tackle or the tightness of the vagina.

It is true the vagina loosens up a little with regular sex but it does for most girls. There are some girls out there with very loose vaginasjust as there are some guys out there with very big penis' - but the loose vagina is not from using sex toys or regular sex .

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A female reader, TELLULAH United Kingdom +, writes (17 March 2008):

TELLULAH agony auntI was a bit loose in my teen's,

But I'm more choosey now.

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A male reader, rcn United States +, writes (17 March 2008):

rcn agony auntDon't worry about it. You are who you are. There are exercises you can do such as tigntening the muscles while having sex, but there really isn't a magic formula.

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