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How do you know when he has cum? Does he pull a face?

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Question - (25 March 2010) 4 Answers - (Newest, 27 March 2010)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:


how do you know when a boy has cum during sex?

it just confuses me coz i dont know what face they pull or what sound they make when they get to that moment, i never seem to know when my boyfriend has cum.

i feel wet and soaked after sex down that area and sometimes it runs out when i stand up, does that mean he came or was that just my wetness?

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A male reader, daletom United States +, writes (27 March 2010):

Guys generally aren't nearly as demonstrative as girls when they climax. I tend to moan rather loudly, twitch and spasm all over - and I have been told I "cum like a girl".

You may be able to feel his penis pulsing inside you as he ejaculates, but this depends on lots of factors including you, your guy, the position you're using, and the intensity of his orgasm (they're not all the same!). You may notice that he suddenly becomes still, almost motionless, where he moved rather rapidly for a few seconds before climax. You might also feel a general tenseness in his body during his climax. Some guys hold their breath while they orgasm. Some guys will clutch their partners tightly during orgasm.

It's not fair that many girls don't get the pleasure of knowing their partner is cumming. You could encourage him to be more demonstrative. He might find it embarrassing to let it show. If you press him too hard you'll probably get an artificial, faked response - just the opposite of what you want.

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A male reader, TimmD United States +, writes (25 March 2010):

TimmD agony auntThe act of "cumming" is the man's penis ejaculating (squirting) semen out. It's not just overall wetness, there is a pretty good amount of liquid squirting out of him. Also, the man's penis will "pump" or throb while it's happening. A lot of women can usually feel it inside as it's happening, but not all.

1. Ask him to tell you as he's about to cum

2. Try to make him cum orally (with your mouth or your hands) or ask him to masterbate in front of you so you can see what happens as he cums.

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A female reader, LethalInjection-x United Kingdom +, writes (25 March 2010):

LethalInjection-x agony auntSome men don't show it on their face, or make a noise. &It can be impossible to tell whether they have or not. You should talk to your boyfriend, and ask him to let you know when he feels like he's going to.

If you stand up and something "runs out", that's most definitely cum.

Hope that helps :) x

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (25 March 2010):

You have to talk this out with your boyfriend! The usual way to know if a guy has come is that he moans loudly and opens his mouths or sometimes go the typical "oh yes oh yes" or "Im coming Im coming". If your boyfriend doesn't do anything to show you he is coming, or that he came, he needs to speak up! He needs to me more vocal! Sex with a silent guy isn't as great, because you lay there afterwards not knowing if he came or not, if it was good for him or not, if you did the right things or not... So ask him to speak up!

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