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How do you get a guy to like you?

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Question - (11 September 2007) 15 Answers - (Newest, 27 July 2009)
A age 22-25, anonymous writes:

Has anyone got any tips on how to get a guy to like you? e.g flirting tips. Anything would be great! xx

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A female reader, babygurldestinyb United States +, writes (27 July 2009):

babygurldestinyb agony aunti got the following advice from expeirence and they all worked for me!

1. give that flirty/i want you look in your eyes

2. drop something in front of him and bend over and slowly work your way back up!

3. if u wear glasses ditch em' and get ur eye color contacts-------- ok just kidding be urself

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A female reader, Lady Groover Australia +, writes (29 May 2009):

hello to one and to all!

i read a book, and obviously cannot remember the name of it, and i now have tips, you may no the book, and you are trying to find it, to check, and... im gonna shut up now and just give you the tips:

#1 Smile broadly- (not in a scary way, cos that would be scary)(i am so blonde)

#2 throw him darting glances (only ocassionaly, or you will look like you have a nervous twitch) (not that thats a bad thing if you have one XXX)

3# dance alone to music, (hmmm, that may make you look a bit sad.. oh well, its in a book, it must be right!)

4# look straight at him and flip your hair (only dont stand to close, or your hair will flick in his eye, unfortuanaly this theory has been tested [by me, of cource] and i flicked the guy in the eye and it went all red-so did i LOL)

#5 lick your lips (again not to much, or you will get the unnatractive red ring of soarness around your lips)

(again, tried and tested, and exposed embarringsingly by me)

#6 the 'sticky eyes' theory (you look at him in the eye, and then drag them away as if they are stuck with warm toffee) (i havent tested that one, but it sound fail and blonde proof, unless your me)

ok, that is all that is in the book that i could be bothered to find. so, i hope i have helped, and amused in my ways of failiure! XXXX

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (11 May 2008):

ok...make your hair look good...then go up to him with friend or alone and tell him something funny or whatever. or flirt with his friend while he is right net to u

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (14 April 2008):

Well to tell you the truth I think acting like you're not interested in him might work. If you don't show interest in him at all then he might think that there's something special about you. Be yourself as well. If he's the one starting the conversations after awhile then just play it cool. Let him make the first move. Make sure though you are looking your best because you'll have a better chance at catching his eye.

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A female reader, know it all show it all Canada +, writes (23 March 2008):

always be yourself because if you try to act like someone your not that is showing him that you like him and you want his attention...and if you don't wear makeup than don't start because that shows him that your trying to get his attention a little to much and when your flirting don't go over the edge and overdo it just flirt with him a little bit because that is telling him that you are into him...good luck with this hope you get the guy you want

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (23 March 2008):

always make sure that your yourself because you you try to act like your sombody else that can make him thinking your a bit over the edge and weird...don't try to get all dolled up for him because than that's showing him that you like him and your trying to impress him and if your the kind of person that doesn't wear makeup than don't try it now if he knows you don't wear any makeup and when your flirting don't try to go over the limit and flirt too much just try to flirt in s way that is showing him that your into him..chances are he'll flirt right back...good luck

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (22 February 2008):

ok. well i flirt with this other guy. but anyways a good thing to do is to tease them. like if they want to know something dont tell them make them want to know badly. play hard to get and dont be too serious joke around also trust me it works. flirt with other guys around him. not his friends. if you flirt around other guys it might make him jelous whether he likes you or not. dont be rude to any guy in front of him becuase he might think thats how you would treat him. and dont flirt with his buds. because nobody likes it when people flirt with their friends...he might not want to talk again and then u both might be hurt not knowing what you two could have been. but anywasy if u have more questions i have wayy more for you.. thankss

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (24 November 2007):

hey um yeah just be yourself

treat him a little differently than you would other guys. EYE CONTACT and don't flirt with other guys (at least not around him lol)

and about not dressing slutty i agree but don't be afraid to show a little cleavage (ALL GUYS love it!sad but true) and don't be too nice but not too mean find a balance and if your brave just ask him the worst is he says no ex.

"Hey, do you like me?"


"Haha, I knew it!"

"Why do you like me?"

"Yeah, but as a friend."

Problem solved. Or if he asks you before you ask him just say yes. what's the worst that can happen? Well i hope this helped.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (3 November 2007):

I want to know now how toy a guy to love me

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (13 October 2007):

always look the person you like in the eyes

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (12 September 2007):

Get the book "The Rules"... you might find some parts of it a little over-the-top, but the essence of it is brilliant.

Basically, it's about being yourself, but being the best version of yourself and letting HIM do the work.

It can be frustrating because it's so tempting to call him or 'accidentally' bump into him etc.. but really what it comes down to is letting HIM pursue YOU.

Do look your best - but also do other little things like smile at the room in general and not just at him. If there's an awkward / quiet moment, let HIM fill it - don't feel like you have to entertain or impress him...

Funny thing with men is that they put a lot more value in something they've had to work hard for than something handed to them on a platter.

If you really like him, always leave him wanting more. If he asks for your number, give it but let him hunt around for the pen and paper. When he calls, don't stay on the phone for more than 5-10mins (make an excuse to go), don't accept last-minute invitations out (you've already got plans!), let him call you and not vice-versa. Don't let things move too quickly either -- ok, you're young and sex probably isn't on the agenda, but don't let him stick his tongue down your throat too soon!!

Be friendly and sweet -- but just always leave him wanting more!

Good luck!

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A male reader, kenny United Kingdom +, writes (11 September 2007):

kenny agony auntI think the Aunts here have pretty much summed it up for you here with some pretty sound advice. I would probably go along with what spanna said, and that is to just be yourself, do that and you will be just fine.

All the best xx

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A female reader, faith scott boreanaz United Kingdom +, writes (11 September 2007):

 faith scott boreanaz agony auntFirstly, look gorgeous - throw on some make up. smile at him, do your hair nice and try not to stutter when you talk to him, suck/chew on you pen or pencil. wink at him, if he says somthing hes really bad at say "I bet theres other things your really good at" and look him up and down, smile with flirty eyes and maybe giggle a tiny bit. never laugh outragously but listen to what he has to say and be interested if your not then pretend to be. if you need any more advice then email me! Faith XxXx

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A reader, anonymous, writes (11 September 2007):

I'llleave the flirting tips for the other Aunts. But I will state: If you are interested in a guy and you want him to be interested in you, the best tip I can give is be an interesting person. Also, throw in some fun, some wit, a lot of self-confidence, a positivite attitude and be really happy with who you are. If you do this, then you can't go wrong.

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A female reader, superbunny United Kingdom +, writes (11 September 2007):

superbunny agony auntAct confident, most lads adore a girl who is confident - but not one who is offering herself on a plate. Just act calm, confident and normal. Guys hate girls who try to act like they're something they're not. They can see straight through it. Good luck! :] x

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