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How do I give her a "screaming orgasm"???

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Question - (4 October 2008) 12 Answers - (Newest, 4 November 2008)
A male United States age 36-40, anonymous writes:

Hi, i have either a very usual or unusual question. I dont know how to give my GF a "screaming orgasm" I mean, i have given her one but it isnt enough... She doesnt cum and doesnt moan like my friends say she sould. The way i do is just rub my finger on her clitoris, it usualy works one way or another but she says im not doing it right... I mean, is there a better way? Please tell me how to give her the "suprise" of a lifetime.

Please, im the kind of guy who rather gives a great orgasm than recieve it and im desperate. Thanks for any replies from the experts.

(you decides wich! Is it the women or the men? Heck, i dont know)

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A reader, anonymous, writes (4 November 2008):

Just ask her to scream.It makes the orgasm much more exciting whether its a good one or might have neighbors at your door step.Deal with them.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (4 November 2008):

dude im tellin you the best way is to use your mouth cnsentrate on the clit and you will be god to her. start licking softly to see if she likes it then if she gets into it start by putting a little more pressure on here clit twirling your tongue in every direction then slide a finger or two in there and keep that going till she climaxs and there you have it. you'll be able to tell when her big o is coming here hole will start to spasm youll be able too fell it with your fingers and at that point you dont wanna stop licking or putting your fingers in there you ganna want to do it more frequently and add more pressure!!!!

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A female reader, Mushgirl United Kingdom +, writes (3 November 2008):

Mushgirl agony auntSucking her earlobes! Honestly, my boyfriend did that to me the other day and my whole body turned into warm fuzz. It was like bathing in stars. Do it!!!

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (3 November 2008):

FINGERING HER CLITTY – soft and slow

While it may be fun to slide your fingers in and finger inside her pussy, I'll concentrate first of all on playing with her clitty. Most girls, when they masturbate, concentrate on the clitoris, which is actually not inside the pussy at all, it is above the entrance.

In case you don't know, when the pubic hair gives way to the beginnings of the pussy slit itself, you are right above the clitoris. It is less than half an inch below that point at the very top of the pussy, and it is often hidden behind folds of pussy meat and protective layers – at the very very top of the pussy, on the outside.

It is between the two pussy lips, but at the top of them, where they meet. You will know when you find it because it sticks out a little from the rest of the pussy, and there is nothing above it but pubic hair (or shaved, sexy girlie skin, if she shaves down there).

Now, the way lots of girls like to be fingered to orgasm is slow, soft, and very very gently. First, make sure it's nice and wet (licking and kissing it is always a great idea – if you want to know how to do that, ask me for oral advice), by using lube or even better – wetting your fingers with your mouth. If she's really wet, you might even want to dip your fingers gently into her hole, and get them wet like that, before placing them over the clitty.

If she's not wet, don't start playing with the clitty before you've touched her and kissed her in other places: kiss her lips, bite and nibble on her neck, suck her earlobes and nipples, kiss her tummy, put your tongue in her ear, run your hands up and down her back, kiss her inner thighs, her legs, suck her toes, kiss her ass: whatever it takes to get her wet, whatever she likes. You can talk dirty to her too, and whisper right into her ear – lots of girls find that a big turn-on.

When she's ready, place one or two fingers (your first and middle finger, usually) over her clitty, when it's wet and slippery, and start to gently rub and tease. Rub it slowly from side to side, or up and down. Rub around it, too. Not hard. In fact, you might not want to have too much contact between your fingers and her pussy. Try to be as light and delicate as you can, just tease it and play with it as if it were the delicate petals of a flower.

You can vary the motion, firmness of your touch, and the speed with which you touch her, but at the end of it, you should be turning her on and you should feel it swelling and expanding. If it's getting less wet, spit on your hand or use her pussy juice or more lube and keep it REALLY wet.

Once she's getting really into it, find a regular motion that she likes, and repeat it again and again. Not necessarily harder or faster (unless that works), but perhaps more firmly, more repetitive. Circular motions usually work well. Sucking her nipple or kissing her while you're doing it often helps.

When she's squirming and getting into it, just keep doing what you're doing, continue with the motion, and before long, she should start throbbing (you'll feel it pulsing) and she'll gyrate and have a really powerful orgasm. This can take anything from one minute to thirty minutes, but it's usually between five and fifteen. Don't keep going after five minutes if she's not enjoying it at all. If she starts enjoying it less, vary it, because the idea is to BUILD the pressure and the pleasure. It's a very slow, gentle process.

If it doesn't work, don't worry, it doesn't work on every girl. Try the harder one or the squirting one (internal) and best of all, try licking her pussy to orgasm (write me again if you want that advice).


Some girls are hypersensitive and like it rough. With these girls, the above will work, and can often lead to more powerful orgasms, but there is a quicker, faster way. That way is fingering her clitoris (same place) much harder, pressing fairly hard down on it with your finger, and rubbing it from side to side.

This way, again, make sure it's really wet and she's horny, then find the clit with your finger (this works standing up really well) and start moving your finger from side to side while pressing on it. As she starts to enjoy it, do it harder and faster. After thirty seconds to two minutes, she'll start really enjoying it, and just keep going harder and faster. Make sure it's wet. Press even harder on the clit itself and keep rubbing from side to side, over and over, as fast as you can.

If this hurts at any time, or she says she doesn't like it, you should stop.

If it works, she'll have, like, a mini-orgasm, where she suddenly goes tense and peaks and cums, quickly, then comes down again. You can keep going and make her cum again. It's not hard. Keep doing it till she gets sore if you like. Some women can orgasm ten or more times like this. My girlfriend and I broke the record when she came over a hundred times this way in less than an hour. So as you can see, this is very very very productive if your girl is hypersensitive and you do it right.

If those two don't work, and she won't tell you how to do it (maybe ‘cause she doesn't know), you need to try the squirting orgasm. This is the BEST of the three and involves going inside. Are you ready? This could change your life and her life…

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A reader, anonymous, writes (24 October 2008):

it may sound silly to u, but ask her what she wants. that way ur both workin at things together, and u can give her what wil really drive her wild.

My boyfriend is brilliant at making me orgasm, but i found that they just kept gettin better (for both of us) when we talked about what things we like.

dont forget... she doesnt ALWAYS have to cum when she orgasms. some women dont at all. and remember...ur doin great already cos ther are women who've never experienced an orgasm!

Good luck :)

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A male reader, RON_499 Japan +, writes (7 October 2008):

RON_499 agony aunttry gettin some info on the g-spot, its the only way u can get ur girl really... u can try searchin thru google

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A female reader, pepper27 United Kingdom +, writes (6 October 2008):

pepper27 agony auntwell qcumbr1 has a very good point!!!!You can involve toys as well hun, Women are all different..Its also a great turn on if your inside her while mabe she does the clitirol stimulation, This will also turn you on and her and you will both blow like volcano's together hunny, After you do what the duck said :) TAKE CARE LOVE MANDY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (4 October 2008):

Thanks everyone^^

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A male reader, reluctant United States +, writes (4 October 2008):

the only way 2 do her right, is have guide u through the prossess. let her teach u. big fun.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (4 October 2008):

your friends have been watching way too much porn and not had enough experience themselves!! some women moan loudly, some get really quiet. some squirm all over the place, some freeze and get really still. a great orgasm comes naturally. some make sound the whole time, while others make little to no sound. if you go to make love with the mindset of only to give her this "screaming orgasm," you'll only end up frustrated and it will seem acted out or forced. ask her what she likes--have her tell you what she want's you to do, step by step. communication is key!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (4 October 2008):

First off... it is a technique that you have to do. You HAVE to have foreplay before you expect to get the big "O"

in my opinion.. This is what guys do so wrong! Men go right for the gold. You can not do this! Most women are not like men. We have to make-out and be kissed on... it's a one on one... personal, intimate thing. Just go slow. If you are not doing things right, let her guide you. I guess that would be the best way.

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A female reader, Seeker United States +, writes (4 October 2008):

The best way to find out what she does like is to ask her. A common mistake guys make with this is rubbing too hard--if you do that, it desensitizes her down there and she isn't going to feel much. But ask her what isn't working if you want to know for sure, because everyone on here is only going to be able to speculate about what you are or aren't doing.

Keep in mind also that not all women are noisy in bed. Maybe she's shy.

Good luck


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