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How do I shave my private area, without getting irritated?

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Question - (27 November 2008) 1 Answers - (Newest, 27 November 2008)
A female Australia age 26-29, anonymous writes:

I shave down there but every time i get little red spots and i always get ingrown hairs! how can i make it stop? what should i be using to shave?

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A female reader, mrsB United Kingdom +, writes (27 November 2008):

Hi ya,

Its so annoying trying to decide how to control 'down there'

i have heard that pating vodka on afterwards helps but im not sure if its true-

You really shouldnt shave anymore- the hair grows back worse and thicker and spreads further-

It just gets harder and harder to get rid of-

I use an epliator on my legs but the best thing for bikini line (or brazilian!) is waxing (by a professional)

It takes ages to come back and makes the hair thinner and thinner and eventually hardly comes back-

A reasonbly priced wax would cost about £30 once every month or every other month and its well worth it!

Hope this helps!

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