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How did he "prove" we had sex when we actually didn't?

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Question - (31 August 2008) 1 Answers - (Newest, 1 September 2008)
A female United States age 26-29, anonymous writes:

This is going to sound like an odd question but here goes.

My boyfriend's best mate didn't want me to be with his friend, so to split us up he told my boyfriend that i had had sex with him. I obviously denied it because it didn't happen and he said he obviously believed me over his friend.

But then a couple of days later i went round to my boyfriend's house and as soon as i got there he was really angry screaming "I can't believe you lied to me, it was bad enough you would do that to me with my best mate but then to lie about it and try to split me and my friend up!"

So i asked why he had suddenly changed his mind about who to believe and he said don't lie to me anymore he has proven it. When i asked how he said i didn't need to see it but he had and he knew i was lieing.

I'm so distraught because i wasn't lieing and i didn't do that but how could he have proven it.

Even if we had had sex how could that have been proven a few days later?

Otherwise how could he have faked something to show my boyfriend that was so convincing.

Please help i need to sort this out but i don't know anything to say with out having any idea what it is and neither of them are going to tell me.

Any suggestions would be great. I'm completely baffled by the whole situation.

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A female reader, Aunty Em United Kingdom +, writes (1 September 2008):

Aunty Em agony auntDoes it matter anymore? You're baffled by this statement your partner's friend has made, of which, your partner has chosen to believe him over you. Is that not enough? You have tried your best to convince your partner you didn't do what you were accused of. Yet, he's persisted to call you a liar. Is he worth it anymore? I'd want my partner to be someone who trusts me and believes me above all else.

For not doing so, doesn't that show you something? He'll realise sooner or later that he lost out on a GOOD thing. It'll be alright in the end.

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