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I'm new to sex... How can I please my man while I'm "on top"? What sort of moves should I be pulling?

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Question - (5 July 2007) 5 Answers - (Newest, 7 July 2007)
A female United States age 30-35, anonymous writes:

This is embarrasing but I need advice, I am new to the sex life, I have only slept with one man and I still only sleep with him, now when it comes to our love making, he is incredible in bed, he is always on top which i love because he knows how to make all the right moves on top of me, now recently he wanted me on top, now im new to all this so i really didnt do i suppose a good job, he had to talk me through it which was so embarrasing to me, but i kinda got an idea, but just need advice, how can i please him while i am on top? what are the moves that i can do on top to turn him on?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (7 July 2007):

I have the exact same problem except my bf can't guide me because he's done even less than me. Yes it is embarrassing but sometimes it's nice to explore new things together. I would suggest you being on top the first time you have intercourse for the night/day, etc as that is the biggest problem with me. Anyway just enjoy his company and learning how your bodies work with each other. Lots of guys don't think it's bad that a girl isn't experienced or doesn't know what she's doing, a lot of the time it's the opposite. Anyway peace out

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A reader, anonymous, writes (5 July 2007):

When he's at work, or gone otherwise, rent a porn video and studying their techniques. You'll get some great ideas. My current b/f actually has a hard time having an orgasm when I'm on top, so after I've been satisfied, we change positions, then it's his turn. But every man is different. Good luck!

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A female reader, flower girl United Kingdom +, writes (5 July 2007):

flower girl agony auntHey just go with the flow and enjoy the moment, you say it was embarrasing for you but that was because you have not done it before.

New things are experienced with each new partner and just because you don't know how do it and they have to guide you through it, its not some thing that you should be embarrased about it's all part of the fun finding out new things.

Take care.xx.

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A female reader, in my opinion United Kingdom +, writes (5 July 2007):

in my opinion agony auntwhen on top, try to lean back and rest ur hands on his knees, and try different paces, goin fast, then slow, then faster. should drive him wild!

have fun, experiment.

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A female reader, jtaunton5410 United States +, writes (5 July 2007):

jtaunton5410 agony auntBasically move your hips back and fourth. He will probably put his hand on your waist to help glide you but just keep your hips moving from front to back. It will feel good for you and for him. Trust me. That is my fav position and my husbands too.

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