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How can I make him cum quicker?

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Question - (5 October 2008) 4 Answers - (Newest, 8 September 2010)
A female Australia age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Hi, when I give my boyfriend a hand job I usually swap hands because my arm gets sore after a while... but recently I broke my arm, so I can't do this. Is there a way I can get my boyfriend to cum before my arm gets sore when I give him a otherwords is there anything/ a method that will make him cum quicker?


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A female reader, Sarah123456789 United States +, writes (8 September 2010):

Two secrets to getting him to come as quick as you want: (1)baby oil or mineral oil or best, but if you don't have that use any lubricant like hand cream. (2) Once you get him hard, keep stroking him with a firm grip with one hand (unlike his balls, it is almost impossible to hurt his shaft) and start gently playing with his balls with your other hand. He will come in no time. Once you get some practice you can do any guy in five minutes or less.

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A female reader, Tig Ireland +, writes (16 April 2009):

Hi i had the very same problem with my boyfriend, it takes him quiet some time to cum even durin sex but i found that wen givin him a handjob if i gently play with his balls at the same time or even sometimes flick the top of his nob with my tongue its not long before my job is done.... i really hope this helps you..

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A male reader, wondering boi United Kingdom +, writes (27 January 2009):

Well if you want to make your bf cum fasterm, hold his penis gently but at the same time be a bit too rough if your arm starts getting sore let him do somthing to you and then when your arm is better start again but it's cos girls don't do it as much as boys do, they don't know how hard or loose to hold it, just experment with him and then you will find the greatest way for the both of you.

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A male reader, quarky United Kingdom +, writes (5 October 2008):

quarky agony auntHey there! I must admit your question made me smile! My ex-girlfriend also got sore arms! One way is to lubricate with massage/baby oil and concentrate on the tip, now and again, use the palm of your hand on top of the tip-but be gentle-it gets very intense! Another thing which me and my ex did was that I started on myself, whilst touching and kissing her etc until I got close, and she finished me off-no sore arms!. There's also obviously oral, or he can try betwen your breasts but that may not make him come quicker. I reckon him starting himself would be a good idea-guys can work themselves to orgasm pretty quicky! Depends on whether you're both up for it as well tho' - my ex quite enjoyed watching and learned a thing or two by doing so. Get comfortble, get lubrication, and enjoy. Best of luck!

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