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He's romantic but impractical.

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Question - (27 April 2007) 1 Answers - (Newest, 29 April 2007)
A female , anonymous writes:

Hi, This guy at my church admitted he liked me which was really nice, but I told him for now I just wnat to be friends and he agreed and we've been like that for about 6 or 7 months hanging out,we have talked a lot and i really felt a bond being attached with him. I have the persnal conviction that I don't want to kiss a new bf until a significant amount of time has passed so that the relationship doesn't become too physical right away-so I set a 3 month time limit on physical affection.

The two of us have talked about this and he really doesn't like the idea. He isn't my bf or anything, we just talk about this stuff. My problem is that he has talked to me so long about romantic things and being under a blanket and looking at the stars and how nice it would be to have someone there to share it with and yes, that stuff is nice, but he talks a nice game but when it comes to actually DOING stuff with me or for me that isn't so sappy and romantic he always is busy or is not interested. It's like I can count on him to be romantic bt not for practical everyday life issues that I'm always comfronting. And it's not like he gives me flowers and chocolates everyday either.He doesn't take advantage of opportunities to amke me want to have him as a boyfriend.

This is frustrating because if he likes me so much why doesn't he show it in one way or another? He wouldn't even dance with me at one of our church member's sweet sixteen. He kept on telling me he was dying to dance and literally sat in his chair the whole evening. (In any ase, I danced by myself and had a great time) He was even criticizing how me and one of my friends were dancing by saying we needed to dance that particular dance faster and I told him he can't talk unless he's on the floor. He later told me he gave me credit for dancing alone--I couldn't beleive what a wuss he was. Now I'm just discouraged with him because he'll never take the initiative to do anything--I don't know whether to talk with him about this--this being the reason I'm not interested in pursuing a relationship with him or whetehr to leave it alone. Any ideas?

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A female reader, beautifulllove United States +, writes (29 April 2007):

beautifulllove agony aunti say just leave it as it is, if he really wanted you he would have made a move already he wants something that is easy to get and if not he just gives you. you can do way better

good luck xoxo

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