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He's older than me, when do men lose their sex drive? And what does he mean by 'not putting all his eggs in one baske't?

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Question - (20 September 2007) 5 Answers - (Newest, 26 September 2007)
A female United Kingdom age 41-50, anonymous writes:

what age do men loose there sex drives. I'm worryed this, and his age may affect us in the furture..And do men become impotant has they got older? When im 25 he will be 50.He looks about 25, but in the end the body and its funcations will slow down is this ture...When i got involved with him i didnt think about this, i just saw he looks very good for his age, his very goodlooking...he has 2 kids and i will always take 2nd to them, which is not a problem now has im young enjoy going out with friends, and im alwys busy, but when all that kind off stuff ends, thats when i will notice im 2nd to the kids.

His ex partner with his 2nd child doesn't want me to have anything to do with there baby has long has the mother lives, because their baby was in hospital a few weeks ago my partner didn't go to the hospital, because i said his babys motheres always ring him when im with him, which i guess isn't true, because im not with him all the time, i think i said it to see how much may man cares for me. Which resulted in the baby mums stoping him seeing his baby for a few weeks. I heard my man on the phone talking to the baby mum saying he felt bad what he did and with regards to me, he is not putting all his eggs in one basket, what does he mean by this?

My partner is nearly 45 and im 22, we have been together 4months he left his ex for me, and i left my ex same age has me for him, he was with her a year and a half

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A male reader, Phil and Kayley  +, writes (26 September 2007):

Phil and Kayley agony auntOf course there are times when I worry about the future and how long we have left together but then I remind myself - would I rather be unhappy for the next however many years hoping to meet 'a nice guy', or do I spend the next 20 something years being the happiest woman alive, with a man that loves me unconditionally no matter what?

As cliche as it sounds, age really is just a number. If it works, go for it!!!

Oh and as for the sex thing, my husband has just turned 51 and keeps makes me very very happy....... ;)

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A female reader, eyeswideopen United States +, writes (26 September 2007):

eyeswideopen agony auntNot putting all his eggs in one basket means he is not planning on a commitment with you. I think he is just using you for the moment. You are certainly in a less than desirable position with this guy, I would think you'd feel you deserve so much more. As far as the age difference, if you do manage to get a committed relationship out of the guy, perhaps even marriage, plan on being a very young widow.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (26 September 2007):

I'm 21 and he's 46 but he loves me and treats me like a Princess. I'm concerned about mortality. I want him to be with me forever, not just right now....

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A male reader, rcn United States +, writes (21 September 2007):

rcn agony auntnot putting all the eggs in one basket is used a lot in investments. Meaning one investment takes a dive, you don't end up loosing everything, because you still have the other portions split up in other baskets.

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A female reader, leanne.od United Kingdom +, writes (20 September 2007):

leanne.od agony auntwhat is meant by the term "putting all his eggs in one basket" means his ex partner thinks he's not taking his duties as a father properly and he has to share his time out equally. his baby was in hospital and you prevented him from being there bacause you are clearly jealous of these innocent children. hasn't anyone heard of contraception? if he's had 2 children by 2 women, aren't alarm bells ringing in your head? he's propbably flattered that such a young girl could be interested in him but his responsibilities as a father should and always will come first and absolutely nothing you threaten him (e.g leaving him or "testing" his loyalty) with should prevent him being there for his kids.

if you want to be in this grown up, complicated relationship, you need to begin to stop acting like one of his children, fighting for his attention. his ex has the right to not want you to have direct contact with her baby because you have only been on the scene on for 4 months and she has her babies interests to look out for because if that baby grew attatched to you and you left, the baby would suffer. so respect her wishes and if you and this guy are together for many years, i'm sure you'll gain the trust of the ex's.

just whatever you do, use contraception and don't end up another statistic claiming child benefit because he has up'd and left you when the going gets tough which appears to be his forum.

my honest opinion? - you made the wrong choice to get involved with this man and even more of a mistake preventing him seeing his child.

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