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Help! I failed my first year of university, feel like I have no purpose and am a failure!

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Question - (2 October 2007) 4 Answers - (Newest, 15 May 2008)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

i know this is nothin to do with relationships im sorry but really need some advice i hope u can help..iv just failed my first year of university and there is no chance of goinfg back.i feel like i have gone from my life being fairly certain to being completley unknown.i have no idea what to do, i feel like iv lost my friends, long term boyfriend, future career and home have all been left uncertain.please help x

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (15 May 2008):

I failed my first year. I actually failed 3 out of 6 courses just last semester and they kicked me out. Don't get too worried, and I read the above posts about how you have no chance. Basically... you get what you create. Opportunities aren't going to come looking for you, you have to find them. But if you, like others, think that uni/college is the only way to go then use your high school marks, current gpa, transfer credits, and transcript to get into another school, or just re-apply at the same one. You probably got too worried before looking for ways to work around it, check your notice from the school, and most likely there should be a method of resubmission with it. Sometimes they make you take a certain amount of courses that don't go towards your GPA, but they require certain marks in them.

Good luck,

ThatGuy from

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (8 May 2008):

why can't yu go back to college? A lot of people fail in university particularly their first year. You can always do the year again! Don't Quit by not going back to Uni. Go back with a renewed focus, and you will pass. It is only as difficult as how you make it to be! If you got into uni, you can get through it. This life nowadays, you need a uni degree so i suggest getting back in. You can apply to another uni using your UCAS grades or just go and talk to them in your uni and suggest starting another course probably or the year again.

Good Luck and God bless

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A female reader, leanne.od United Kingdom +, writes (2 October 2007):

leanne.od agony aunt"failure" is difficult for everyone.

you need to take time out and put things into perspective. at the end of the day, you can't change what has been done but now you have to change your options. uni is no longer an option - so you're going to need to find a job. find one you enjoy, i left school and went straight into a job with no qualifications and now i am self employed at 20!

life is only as complicated as you make it.

think positive, you've got the world at your feet and don't feel like your a failure, because that sends off a negative vibe, you've just had a learning curve,

things are sent to try us but you'll get past it with the help and support of loved ones.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (2 October 2007):

Well my best friend flunked out her first year of college and never went back. And all I can say about that is that I would not want to be in her shoes right now. She is 27 years old, has no college degree, and works at a job that kind of sucks and has no chance for upward mobility.

Look, I didn't completely flunk out of college but I came so close. One semester I got 2 incompletes, one D and one F. I did that for like 3 more semesters. But because I had done well my first few years in college it did not hurt my gpa too detrimentally.

Anyways, I realised I needed to take a break and just work because my head just wasn't in school. But working without a college degree sucks. So I decided to go back to college but my grades were so bad that I was afraid that no college would accept me. But luckily I got in. So I am back in college now, I transferred schools, and I am getting all A's.

Somehow you need to get back in college. Yes you can do it. Look I screwed up too. But you can get back on your feet again and stronger than before. Maybe you need to take a break. That's fine. But you really should go back to college. If you have to, you can write a letter to the dean and get back in on probation. Maybe your parents can talk to the school. Or maybe you can go to community college and get your grades back up. But it is very important that you do it. Schools are actually very lenient if you show interest and maturity about it no matter how bad you screwed up. Kids screw up ALL the time in college. But you have to be serious about it now. Maybe you overwhelmed yourself with classes. So you really have to go at your own pace. I have been in college for six years. Talk about slow huh??? But it is better than flunking out. So do it! Look, if you were good enough in high school to get into college, then that is enough to get back in. You are not an idiot. You CAN get back in.

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