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He wants me to get an apartment so his ex can continue to live in our house!

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Question - (30 September 2006) 4 Answers - (Newest, 1 October 2006)
A female , *dlady writes:

Ok folks...awhile ago I wrote about a problem with an ex-g-friends pawning her child on my boyfriend and interrupting in our relationship and everyone was mad because I didn't want any of it anymore...So, update...As he continued to treat her needs as priority and I got angrier he and I split up and he after 10 days of the split has moved her into the house that we bought together that was supposed to be for us. Now he tells me that he wants me to get an apartment and he'll move in with me and give her the house so her and her 9 year old can have the house. He tells me that he doesn't love her-but she's sleeping in my bed on my mattress and I know ain't a whole lot of sleeping going on...and he doesn't want her to have to leave cause the 9 year loves the new school etc etc BS etc.What What the matter with this picture? Men please tell me---was he lying the whole time that he loved me...I just don't get it!!! I want my house and my fiancee back -I don't want to get an apartment where we move into it together what is wrong with this man?

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A female reader, Wendyg United Kingdom +, writes (1 October 2006):

Wendyg agony auntI take it that you two hadnt yet moved in it together ? Had you moved out as you two split and then he bundled her in ?

If its your house you have rights and you can have them removed. But im not sure who owns what bit of the house ? Do you own it together ? or is it something he brought for the two of you ? If your name is on a mortgage you can seek legal advice to get her out, but if not and its all in his name there is nothing you can do about it and the guy was just lining this up for her!

The man is clearly deranged if he thinks he can keep his wife huddled up in the house and then live happily with you elsewhere!

Tell him to get an apartment and get the hell out! If he wants the ex and it does seem he does then he can live with her in the apartment, you need to kick some butt! If like I say you dont have any claim to the house then thers not alot you can do, so im hoping you do have rights over the house and kick them both out.

The man thought he could have his cake and eat it, at your expense, you gotta take the higher ground on this and be firm, get him and her out of your life, he had clearly lied to you about everyuthing and want you want doesnt figure! At the very least if you own some of the house if he wants to stay there he will have to buy you out! He must be mad if he thinks its all fine and dandy for this to be going on and the sooner you act the sooner you can get the lying so and so out of your life!!

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A male reader, Dr. Reality Check United Kingdom +, writes (1 October 2006):

Dr. Reality Check agony auntTell him to decide between the two of you....and be firm!

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A male reader, maxsteel86 United Kingdom +, writes (1 October 2006):

maxsteel86 agony auntThey all got mad at you for not wanting her in your house? Its your house, why the heck should you have to settle for less control than your dumbass's ex? Dont listen to any of his BS excuses, bust in there and kick her and her kid out!!!!!

As for your fiance, tell him to make a choice or go to hell

(sorry if I sound angry, I'm having sleeping problems...)

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A female reader, Toria +, writes (30 September 2006):

Toria agony auntOkay for starters why did he move her in with him?

It's yours and his house therefore if you want to move back in and live there you have every right to do so.

As for her child liking the school is NOT an excuse as to why she should be able to stay in the house as she can look for somewhere else in the area to live still staying close to the school.

Is this child his aswell?

Is your name on the deeds of the house?

Are you still paying towards to house?

can you get back with these answers as to help see the whole picture.

Thank you :o)

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