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He tells me he misses me and then blows me off!

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Question - (5 January 2011) 1 Answers - (Newest, 5 January 2011)
A female United States age 30-35, anonymous writes:

Not sure what to ask my bf and father of our unborn child is out of state he has been gone for almost a month. it took him 2 weeks to even call me after he reached his destination he called me on christmas crying saying he misses his home town myself and the baby and he wants me to move to where he is at. and that he will be home soon. i was doing myself to go about my life as if everything was normal and i didnt always answer his calls

i knew answering his calls would make me miss him more. well after we had talked a few days in a row i grew accustomed to it and started calling him everyday.

he stopped answering. i got very upset. accused him of cheating (hes never cheated on me but he did on a previous girl that was years b4 me) etc he said he isnt he is just busy.

my question is why call me and tell me you miss me and cant wait to come home and then when i try to call and talk to you you blow me off?

is he cheating? should i be worried is my mind over reacting? is he just trying to stay focused on what he is doing out of state (working and bringing home a big income) and by talking to me and his family he is getting distracted?

i live with his family for the time being and he doesnt even call his mother either.

i just dont know what to think. HELP

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A female reader, crazy beautiful Australia +, writes (5 January 2011):

your boyfriend sounds like a douche, sorry! he sounds lost and imature.

ask yourself this, if he loved and missed you that much, and wanted o be there during your pregnancy, why hasnt he moved mountains to do just that?

ask yourself this, how hard is it to make a phone call? of you're busy, a text message.

ask yourself this, what does he do in his down time? party? watch tv? play sport? these things should come second and third to his partner and unborn child, and his family.

your bf is very confused, he is terrified of the responsibility of being a father. bringing home big money is great, but his family should be a motivation, not a distraction.

the fact he took two weeks to call you is so disrespectful its not funny, and is unacceptable in every sense of the word, you're carrying his child, busy/tired/stressed too bad, grow some balls buddy and man up!

my advice, surround yourself with very very very reliable people, your famly of close friends, you'll need their support, find your independence, call his ass and tell him his behaviour is unacceptable, and if it doesn't change you'll move on, your focus is now your child, not him, and you must be mentally and emotionally prepared for this child.

good luck to you xx

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