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He is nice to everyone else, but acts like a jerk towards me. Why?

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Question - (12 November 2008) 4 Answers - (Newest, 12 November 2008)
A female Canada age 30-35, anonymous writes:

There is this one guy that acts strange around me. He talks to my friends and not to me. My friends add him as a friend on Facebook, and he accepts them, but when I add him, he ignores me. (he does not even know my friends). He is nice to everyone else, but acts like a jerk towards me. Why? And when I message him, he doesn't respond, but when my friends do, he does. It is driving me crazy.

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A female reader, Ask The Leprechaun United Kingdom +, writes (12 November 2008):

Ask The Leprechaun agony auntHe's probably acting like a jerk because he is a Jerk.

either that or it's the classic Love = Hate equation......

I'd confront him about this. Maybe you'll get your answer.

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A female reader, Hobbit22 United States +, writes (12 November 2008):

Hobbit22 agony auntSometimes people just don't mesch. People read things off of your 'ways' or 'character' that don't coincide with their 'likes'. In time that could change as the learn otherwise, and sometimes not. People just don't mesch sometimes.

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A male reader, kurvy United States +, writes (12 November 2008):

It just seems there is not sufficient detail on the situation?

Have you and him been in a relationship or anything?

Some men pretend to act like jerks to get the girl to like you even more. I do not know how this works, but it works somehow.

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A male reader, CraziiForYou United States +, writes (12 November 2008):

i think that maybe you like him or if not are interested only because he seems so uninterested in you...if thats the case go up to him pull him to the side and ask him why doesnt he tlk to you...most likely he has a crush on you and doesnt know how to approach you so he keeps his distance...Ive had a fair share of those....the worst reason could be he knows you and you did something to him in earlier year and he resents you..(just had to throw a joke in it). Feel free to email me here at this site.

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