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Have I lost my sex appeal?

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Question - (9 March 2009) 3 Answers - (Newest, 9 March 2009)
A male United States age 26-29, *rax writes:

so i have been wondering for the past maybe 7 months of my almost 2 year relationship that my girlfriend, now fiancee has been wanting increasingly less sexual things, not just sex, but everything of a sexual nature, even just making out or fooling around.

call me paranoid but it has seemed to get a lot worse since her "best friend" (a guy and her ex boyfriend she talks to and refuses to tell that she's engaged) has moved back to town, we used to go crazy with sex (at least once every other night) and now it's been almost 4 months and i havent even got a makeout. i just dont know what to do and i want her to be happy and if thats not with me then whatever, but i love her and i want to know if this is normal or not.. because as a man i know nearly nothing about the true nature of women.

just calling out for help because i dont know whats up.


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A male reader, anonymous, writes (9 March 2009):

Something, is Definitely going on! Definitely start doing some P.I. Work! And if ya'll do break-up, get your engagement ring back!

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A female reader, bootyboot United States +, writes (9 March 2009):

wow, a two year relationship and she's already limiting the sex? and you haven't even made out in 4 months?!!!

sorry, bro, unless something in her life is really really stressing her out, or she's become very depressed, something is up.

either she's lost the lovin feeling for you or maybe she's cheating with the ex. girls like kissing and sex as much as guys do, don't be fooled. i've heard the sex dropping off after the wedding but never before.

i would keep an eye on her, ask her what's wrong, maybe even confront her and say 'honey, i never get to be intimate with you anymore and it' really bothering me. cna you tell me what is wrong?'

because this is definitely not normal, trust me here. now, i doubt you can go on having sex every other night for 10 years, but at 2 years the romance should still be there!

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A male reader, Cowboy254 United States +, writes (9 March 2009):

Ok she.could be stressed about something or she may not feel loved I would talk to her about it tell her your feelings don't be afraid to cry you know. Tell her that you love her and be supportive tell her how much you love her you can never say I love you too much I hope this was helpful

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