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Have any scorpio men out there that have cheated and been dumped or been in relationships where you've been down right wrong and been dumped, and then realized that you made a mistake and will change? or have you changed?

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Question - (29 August 2007) 8 Answers - (Newest, 28 December 2010)
A female , *eartbrokenxx writes:

I am a very paranoid and superstitious person! i think that because of my past it has made me less trusting in alot of people

i always read horoscopes they have always given me a certain path or idea of what tomorow is goin to give.

as far as i'm concerned and studied, scorpios are very mysterious, values trust (but probably doesnt deserve it, sorry for my bitterness), very enclosed and secretive

so im wondering if any scorpio men out there that have cheated and been dumped or been in relationships where you've been down right wrong and been dumped, and then realized that you made a mistake and will change? or have you changed?

or will scorpios always hide their feelings?

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A female reader, Libramclovin Australia +, writes (28 December 2010):

Hahah all of the Scorpio men sound exactly like my boyfriend, "why does everyone think us scorpios are dick heads!?!?" hahha. I love my boyfriend very much, and he loves me very much too. Our love is very intense, he is the most amazing person I have ever met. We are each others best friends and are absolutely crazy about each other. He cheated on me once, At schoolies he was very drunk and kissed another girl.he told me as soon as he could, at first I thought he did more, but I trust him, and we are very honest with each other we are still together and even stronger. He hates himself for what he did to me, but I am very understanding and forgiving. He is very loyal to me, and is always telling me how beautiful I am. He is the most loving caring person I have ever met. On our one month anniversary he sent 6 roses to my house. For my birthday he bought me a ticket to a yearly festival that I love. He is amazing, and I do believe people look at scorpios as though they are all assholes. Which is not the case. However I have known another Scorpio, who was hurt when he was a teenager quite severly. He hurt me a lot and at the start of our relationship he hesitated to commit himself and slept with two other people. At hurt me a lot, but I took him back. That was a massive mistake and he is now dating my exbestfriend and hangs out with my friend group. But I still have no regrets because I have met the most amazing person in my life and without a horrible experience, I probably wouldn't be able to appreciate the lovely person I have now as much as I do. If your going to date a Scorpio, be careful, don't provoke their jealousy, make sure you stay true, and make sure they know they have nothing to worry about. They are lots of fun, extremley funny, and are great thinkers. :)

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A male reader, scope United Kingdom +, writes (28 April 2009):

hi there i am a scopio and i made the mistakes in the past like arguing and trying to be controling and possesive my my ex girlfriend she was also a scopio so you can imigine the arguments we were both stubborn it was a game of who will give in all the time we spent just over 7 years together i really loved her so much but i messed it up and i wouldent be like that ever again ive lerned from my mistake we split up 8 months ago i still think about her ever day and i have changed

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A reader, anonymous, writes (9 July 2008):

I'm a scorpio guy, and extremely frustrated with what you are all saying about us scorpios. It is incredibly frustrating to be told by the whole world who have never even met me what type of person I am!!!! I am NOT a cheater and never ever will be. I'm intensely loyal and would never do that to another person, even though I've had it done to me. Don't write me off just because there are a whole lot of other a**holes out there who share my birhtdate! I'm so frustrated with know it alls who say they know me because someone else shares my birthday. I love my partner with all my heart and soul. She is the most amazing person who will ever walk the face of this earth and I would never, ever do that to her, ever. The only person I ever think about having sex with is my fiance, and you know it alls can accuse me of whatever you like, but you don't know me. I know me, and I'm loyal, I do make changes when I make mistakes and above everything I am totally and absolutley hers until the day I die and beyond!

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (20 May 2008):


Good question! As a scorpio male myself i'll try and answer from my own experiences...i've never really been interested in horoscopes but every now and then when 'true love' hits which have been very rare i do tend to get spiritual.

Young scorpios are naive, but never forget their mistakes were to smother her with control and jealousy. From my perspective and hopefully to my credit i walked out of her life but in hindsight it was my control/power trip kicking in, we were dead in the water way before (she told me, i remember now, i chose to ignore...bit freaky hey!) but it was emotionally painfull for me and remember vowing never again. I was totally wrong in that relationship and freely admit it...i would never have cheated on her though whilst in the relationship. And since then i have been very withdrawn, introverted, secretive etc...a self-protection mechanism i guess but am able to switch it off and on at will...possible love interests and i switch it on big-time, but it seems to work well me time to weigh them up, study their every move and retreat from it without heartbreak, unfortunately on the very occasions when my defence is broken down and even when i know she's not for me...MY MISTAKE! 'fireworks' and emotional distress ensue.

I think that trust is something that scorpios are mis-understood is trust, black and white...if a scorpio cheats then the relationship is dead in the water 'true love' it is not...again this fails to consider the partner i appreciate that but when a scorpio is in love 110% loyalty is ensured for life. The more mature scorpios recognize this and will do so but only if equal committment is recognized and at the deepest level of emotion (cliche i guess)...just remember black and white and honesty...I know if i ever cheated which i never have yet and am certain i never will, if i did i personally would never hide it, let her know straight away...but with the knowledge that 'our' relationship was going nowhere anyway.

heartbrokenxx...enough about me, everybody changes including scorpios...we all feel pain and despair and have different ways of coping with it...i trust no-one but if there is one person that can show me otherwise then she is mine forever...mistakes are mistakes i never forget them, no-body does do they?...Horoscopes are partially true, partially bull-shit...don't let them search out your true-love, you've got to do it naturally never force it, wait and be patient he'll come to you.....or you'll go to him.

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A female reader, AskEve United Kingdom +, writes (30 August 2007):

AskEve agony auntA Scorpio man is not easy. That is because whathe really wants most, he most deeply fears, therefore he thinks he wants something else. That something is a close stable relationship that is secure and will allow him a certainmeasure of control. Emotionally speaking, this is a much tidier situation than being drunkenly in love and walking into walls. The problem is that cosiness isn't quite as colourful, therefore often well into middle age he sometimes seeks to satisfy both requirements. He has been known to lose himself in the wonders of passion while there is someone waiting patiently at home.

What he NEEDS in his life are SECURITY, CONTROL and POWER. Although he also needs passion, he can live through periods without it. Because his need for security is so profound, he is a man who always marries, often unhappily and sometimes many times. Even if it makes him miserable, he will stay in a bad marriage long after it's over, leaving it only for another emotionally secure relationship. However, instead of divorcing, most Scorpio men prefer to operate out of their marriage like an offie, while they see another woman on the side. That way, they are doubly secure. Security is essential to their nature, because with out it, there can be no control and without control there can be no sense of power. And it is THIS sense of power which comes from being in control of himself as well as of everybody else that makes his pulse race.

He hates being put out of control in any situation and will plot, scheme and manipulate to avoid it. He also has a deep seated fear of abandonment which falling in love often brings about. Regardless of his outward personality, emotionally he is an introvert who has problems recognising and expressing his deeper feelings. Therefore, he responds most intensely to a perceptive, intuitive woman, who can help him sort himself out.


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A female reader, carebearer United Kingdom +, writes (30 August 2007):

Scorpio men are very difficult to have a relationship[ with as it tends to always have to be on their terms. They like to have all the control, they love sex and are quite kinky. They can be abit of a bully in the relationship too with violent outbursts, intense arguments too.

Personally for me I would never date a scorpio, they are too intense for me. They hate to be dumped and some may pursue you until your dying days!

Depending on your starsign though i cant tell what you are compatible with.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (30 August 2007):

I will follow this question with interest. My scorpio man cheats all the time. I have finally had enough of him saying he will change, have just got my own place. I hope you get a few responses, I would like to know too, do we just avoid scorpios in the future????

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A reader, anonymous, writes (29 August 2007):

Well I can't answer for a scorpio man, but I can answer for a scorpio woman. We do love passionately and we like sex ALOT. So much so, that if a relationship is good, but the sex is bad, we will most likely cheat or leave. We are fiercly independent but we are terribly jealous at times and can be a bit insecure (which is why we're secretive -- we're hiding our vulnerabilities). We have to know someone completely, body, mind, soul, before we will give our hearts and then we will still keep our guard up for a very long time, always watching, making sure this person is worthy of our undying love. This trait may make us seem mysterious but it is only a protection mechanism. Scorpio's have the ability to love deeply and completely and that vulnerability scares the hell out of us. So we will put you through the test of fire before we give you our whole hearts and then there is always a little we keep back for ourselves because we are afraid of being consumed and not in control of our own destinies. If you pass the test of our scrutiny, we will love you to the death and be completely committed to you and the relationship. Scorpio's have a strong mind and are not easily swayed by simple things. I for one, do not hide my feelings, but I have to be in a place of comfort and knowing that my love will be returned before I let down my guard.

My advise is this. Take horoscopes with a grain of salt. They are not a blueprint into someone's life or their character. Those things are built from childhood. People born under a certain zodiac sign may possess a few traits that horoscopes predict them to possess, but many are completely untrue.

Look at the person, not the sign. If you believe someone is going to behave exactly the way a sign describes them, then you will miss their unique individuality, given only by God.

I have known lots of Gemini's who didn't like to talk at all. I've known lots of Aquarians who were brilliant and not flighty. I've knowns lots of Tarus-the-Bulls who were sappy and sentimental. You simply cannot apply zodiac logic to the entire human race.

People cheat for a number of reasons, and it has nothing to do with their zodiac sign, and everything to do with what's missing in the relationship, or missing within their own code of values.

I hope this helps you out in some small way. Good luck.

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