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Had sex with my sister, she says if I tell she will cry rape, what should I do?

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Question - (22 May 2009) 9 Answers - (Newest, 17 April 2010)
A male United States age 26-29, *ndy1776 writes:

When my sister and I hit puberty we started masturbating together because we were curious how it would feel. It turned out to feel great; but, around two years ago she started to do oral sex on me. On my seventeenth birthday weekend when my parents went out of town for two days,(and being as I was older they put me in charge) it was a normal day of mutual masturbation. However, the next day instead of mutual masturbation we had sexual intercourse, physically it felt great but mentally it felt wrong. After we were done she told more or less If I were to tell ANYONE she would tell Mom, Dad, and the cops I tried to rape her. Can anyone out there help me please? What should I do?

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A male reader, Problem.helper United States +, writes (17 April 2010):

Problem.helper agony auntyou are in puberty so its understandable you enyoj it and will but you should stop because in 10 years you will regret this.

Explain her that you also dont want to tell anyone ofcourse but you should stop.

First few times it will feel good but than your gona puke from it.

Stoping and never talking about it after final dicusion is hwat you should do.

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A male reader, elmerweird United States +, writes (24 June 2009):

just carry the secret to the grave. besides, i'm pretty sure that both of you have no plans of telling this to anyone so don't worry about your sister's threat. anyway, here's the best thing to do:

- both of you should talk about this seriously and quit messing around with each other.

- if you can't control the urges, both of you should find a non-relative sexual partner (i.e girlfriend/boyfriend, friends w/ benefits, etc) which is more socially acceptable

- never let yourselves be in private together, ever....

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (25 May 2009):

I hate to say this but this was really gross. You two are at an age where you know sex between siblings, is really "taboo". If I were you I would definitely not tell anyone that you know but perhaps seek some counseling and try to find out the reason behind you and your sister sexual encounters. Are you really immediate siblings, as same father and mother? Or are you step siblings? In either case, you should seek some kind of counseling.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (23 May 2009):

Well, I think all you can do is honor her wishes and don't tell anyone. But I am curious, did your sister enjoy the sex with you, and are you planning to have sex with each other again? Either way, you should keep it a secret. I would also be careful not to make her mad in any way, or even slightly annoyed. She could threaten to tell your parents that she raped you.

Also, when your sister started doing oral on you, whose idea was it for her to do that, yours or hers? Did she just ask you if she could give you blowjob? Also, did you also do oral sex on her? And whose idea was it for you to have sex with her?

I would be very careful and try to get along with her as much as possible, otherwise she could carry out her threat. Also, two other good places to ask for advice on this are the Hip Forums at, the Go Live Wire Teen Forum at, and Teen Spot at You might want to post at Go Live Wire, because although you have to register there, you can also post anonymously so that no one will know who you are or where you live. Good luck with this. I just hope no one else finds out.

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A female reader, Ellstar  +, writes (22 May 2009):

Ellstar agony auntyou must do something as this is an extemely delicate situation. you may need counsel or some kind of therapy as there is a reason as to why you and your sister are having sex as old as you and the fact that you are related. you should tell someone explain your side of the story as it is too serious to ignire because this could effect the rest of your lives. as well as that you have unconcously commited incest. it is best not to wait for this to get out of hand tell someone exactly what youve just said here. beacuse you seem like you are unaware of the seriousness of this situation.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (22 May 2009):

I hope this is a real post. If it is:

I would tell her to calm down, and that you have no intention of telling anyone. Tell her that you’ll be really upset if anyone found out too, since this unusual, secret relationship is only about the two of you--not a public thing. Tell her that she’s really special to you and that you’re just enjoying being with her like this, even though it is probably wrong. Tell her you don’t want her (or you) to get hurt, and eventually you’ll grow both out of it and move on to more “traditional” relationships. This will become a loving (even if strange) part of your sister-brother relationship.

It is DEFINITELY weird that you have this relationship with your sister, but who the hell are we to judge? This kind of stuff has been going on since ancient times. At least it’s based on affection and love, however twisted and weird. It’s better than a hateful, fighting relationship with your sister. I certainly wouldn’t stop doing it. I’m jealous in weird way.

Just take all the necessary precautions and LOVE your sister!


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A female reader, superdolly United Kingdom +, writes (22 May 2009):

perhaps you should seek councilling, i think your sister is as ashamed of this as you, i think you should never masturbate together in future and deffinatly spend less time together. Telling your family might not be the best idea unless you really want to then its a case of who gets to your parents first. if your sister comes to you again about this simply tell her that you don't wana do this anymore.

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A female reader, Emilysanswers United Kingdom +, writes (22 May 2009):

You never do it again and you never speak of it again.

You know this is wrong, as does she.

Stop this now and spend as little time together as you can till you can rid yourself of these urges.

Good Luck!! xx

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A female reader, candyluvsu01 United States +, writes (22 May 2009):

candyluvsu01 agony auntdont tell anyone


stop messing with your sister.....thats nasty....what if you got her prego then what??

she would tell and everyone whould know you had sex with your sister!!

do the right thing


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