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Guys! why do I always miss out? What can or should I change to find a loving reliable guy?

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Question - (24 August 2012) 1 Answers - (Newest, 24 August 2012)
A female United Kingdom age 36-40, anonymous writes:

I am really losing faith in getting with guys so much so that I am wary of being involved with anyone!

Every guy I seem to get with is all good and going well for 3 months and then it messes up. I am starting to think it will never happen as I am 32!

I have had quite a few serious relationships, 3 really serious that almost led to marriage but I bailed out.

Then since then it has been nothing really serious for Aboit 3 years!

I really liked a guy recently and he was chasing me etc but now it seems to have gone from being going out with him to us not making any plans even tho nothing went wrong. It seems recurrent and it's getting me down.

I find London town a really hard place to have a relationship in. I always have guys after me but just can't find what I am looking for and think I never will.

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A female reader, oldbag United Kingdom +, writes (24 August 2012):

oldbag agony auntHi

Maybe your expectations are too high?

Problem with London is there are so many singles so alot of choices for men and women to date.Alot move there simply to focus on their career and enjoy the social side of the city.Its not like a small town where pretty much the same people live is it.

You have had 3 relationships that almost led to marriage but YOU bailed out ~ why? Were they not loving, reliable guys? 3 men who were that serious about you is not bad going.

Where/how do you generally meet your boyfriends? Dont give up just ask yourself what you honestly want from a man in a relationship and what you can bring to it.If you constantly go for the same type it could be its time to break the pattern?

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