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G/f talks to ex multiple times a day and now wants to stay at ex's house while doing a course!

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Question - (31 August 2011) 2 Answers - (Newest, 31 August 2011)
A female United States age 41-50, anonymous writes:

Here we go: Dating a correctional officer for 1 1/2 years who is still friends with her ex (also a correctional officer-I am not). She recently moved into an apartment in the city but her in service is closer to her ex's house-it is a week long course that she has to do every 18 months. Is it resonable that she wants to stay at ex's house for entire week while she does her in service? Their house is still in both of their names and she is using the line that she owns half of the house so why should it be a problem for her to stay there. She also still talks to her ex everyday and multiple times a day at that. I have voiced my concerns and it appearantly falls on deaf ears. What should my next course of action be? Let it go? Or end it all together?

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A female reader, Coopervikki United Kingdom +, writes (31 August 2011):

tell her to jog on and find someone who appreciates you and doesnt want to hang around with her ex at every given chance, she sounds like a prat

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A female reader, RedAthena United States +, writes (31 August 2011):

RedAthena agony auntThe choice is your boyfriends, not yours.

Being friends with your ex is one thing, but sharing a residence is just awkward for the new gf. What if you want to come over, spend the night, etc?

Your bf has not put up any boundaries between him and his ex, which could leave you feeling like an interloper rather than a gf!

Her reasons for being so intangled with him are not the issue-HE has not let go. If he has not let go of his past, there may not be much of a future.

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