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Everything was going great until we had sex! What do I do now?

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Question - (23 July 2009) 5 Answers - (Newest, 24 July 2009)
A female United States age 30-35, anonymous writes:

ok i met this guy at work and he was into me and i was too. he was real nice and sweet. until we had sex thats when everything went wrong. he started to treat me bad. until one night he called me when he was drunk. he was telling me he liked me and stuff but i dont know i really like this guy what do i do. should i just forget him or ask him whats up

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A male reader, strawman79 China +, writes (24 July 2009):

what a stupid guy. he was primarily chasing sex.

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A female reader, smeedle United Kingdom +, writes (23 July 2009):

smeedle agony auntDitch this looser now, he is trouble and not worth the worry.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (23 July 2009):

The guy has shown his true colors, he is a jerk. Lose the loser...that is what you do.

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A male reader, Yos Netherlands +, writes (23 July 2009):

Yos agony auntIt's possible he was primarily chasing sex, and once he got it started treating you badly to create a situation where he didn't have to see you anymore. Hoping you'd get rid of him so he doesn't have to dump you. It's cowardly but some guys do it.

If he's calling you now and giving you mixed messages then he's having doubts and second thoughts. But that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to make up his mind.

Either way, being treated badly should be unacceptable. So either finish it with him, or make sure you're treated right if you stay together.

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A female reader, Country Woman United Kingdom +, writes (23 July 2009):

Country Woman agony auntBack right off sweetheart, he loved the chase and when he got you he turned into Mister Jekyl.

This is not your fault. If you truly like him then let him work harder at trying to win you over.

It may never be the sort of relationship you want though so be prepared in your own mind that he could be a user and then a loser, he may look big in front of his friend's and then becomes an insecure guy when he doesn't have a drink inside of him.

You could probably do a lot better than him, I don't know exactly what he is like but if he likes the girls and is a player and you know this, then don't let yourself be used by someone like him.

You could be the stronger one in all of this if you hold your head high and don't give him the time of day or the other way you could play it is friendship but nothing more than that, ever. If he was lovely before the sex then a moron afterwards, chances are he could be the same again.

You deserve better sweetheart, don't rush things eh, you are still at a great age and there is a decent guy out there who would treat you right OK.


Country Woman


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