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During sex she just lays there doesn't make any noise! How can I get her to do more?

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Question - (19 April 2007) 5 Answers - (Newest, 2 May 2011)
A male United Kingdom, * Waited For The One writes:

what can i do 2 get my girl 2 be more playful when it comes to foreplay?

ok the problem is i've been wv my girlfriend 5 weeks we had sex twice which everyone (EVERYONE) i speak 2 laff's at because i'm 25 shes 20 and everyone keeps saying " u sould be in the bedroom rippin your cloths of every second of the day in your first few months " in my last r/ship that was the case but in this one its not. i love my new girl

but ........ shes 2 quiet / boring / never does anything unless forced or asked. take the first time we had sex i did everything she did ..... nofthing.

the 2nd time we had sex she did ? nothing until after we finshed and then i put her hand on my cock and then she started jerkin me off and when i was enjoying it she stopped. Said her arm hurt now me i'm all over her body when i kiss her i've got my hand on her ass she keeps it on my hip even when i'm kissing her neck 2 turn her on she keeps it on my back or arm. and it takes me 2 put her hands on me.

is there anyway i can do like get her 2 touch me without me placing her hand on my body?

do u think she doesn't wanna put her hands on me because she hates having sex with me?

we had sex twice and in the twice we've had sex she just lays there doesn't make any noice .... ok i'm not gonna lie i'm pretty small in the penis area 6" and the first time we had sex she was pushing my cock more and more inside her the 2nd time she just layed there like a wet paper bag. and i'm not gonna lie this postion gets old fast i hate it 2 be honest i was gonna dump my ex over this because i hate doing 1 position all the time.

how can i get her 2 do more?

any help would be great

i've had 1 sexual partner in the past shes had 6-7 so its not like we've not had enuff sex in the past.

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A male reader, LoccoRocco United Kingdom +, writes (2 May 2011):

"some girls are like that", or "man you have a little dck" Hey man, its all a bull's sht, you actually can make any girl to roll around and to make her scream from pleasure seeing her legs shake from multiple orgasms "one by one". You just need to know how. Just push right buttons if you want to hear her scream from pleasure like a weeping piggy and your neighbors to hit the wall. Female organism is pretty simple. I dunno, they say I have a talent to satisfy a woman, but actually I just know what to do :D

Simply don't let her to go bored, or she will find someone who is fun to be with, without your knowing of it. And don't show her a full triumph of yourself, for there should be where to grow :D Just be careful to not co cause pain. Though there are ones who like that too. :D

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A reader, anonymous, writes (30 April 2010):

I hate to be honest with you bud but you need to run. I have been in long term relationships with this type of women and the truth is things will only get worse. It will start bothering you more and more, you will resent her more and more. Some people will write and tell you to be patient, take your time, but I will tell you she will never change. Some women are just not sexual and each time you have sex with her you will feel miserable because you want her to enjoy it as much as you, and she won't. You may think you love her but in years to come you will hate her for how she make you feel. I hate to be so blunt but this will be the best for both of you. There is a reason she has been with that many guys and you have found it.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (25 April 2007): and my girl friend have been going out for 7 months...and i still can't figure out if she enjoys sex or not... we have had sex everywere.. i mean every were from..the out of all the times we had sex she has only had an orgasim 2 times. Anyway.. is it normal for gurls inner thighs to be shaking..cuz it's crazy..also when eva we have sex...she gets really wet..i know that means i'm doin something right..but when she does..she says she has to go to the bathroom..she trys to go and she can' idk what is up with that... also.. she can breath quickly for lijke 2 minutes then stop...thenb do it again..also she has her eyes closed most of the time and moves her head back and fourth..and makes weird ass noises i'v evba heard b4.... I NEED SOME GURL ADVICE WETHERE SHE LIKES IT OR IS PLAYING ME..PLZ LADIE I NEED UR HELP...

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A female reader, dragonette Sweden +, writes (19 April 2007):

dragonette agony auntI do agree with what the other agony aunt said; that you should talk to her about it.

It sounds a bit to me like she's holding something back. Maybe she's extremely conscious about her body and doesn't like the way she looks, or she's afraid that you won't like the way she looks. I used to be hugely self-conscious about the way my butt looks, so I didn't like anyone to touch it until my boyfriend told me how much he adores it.

Some girls don't make any sound in bed, but it is unusual that she is so passive. Maybe she's not sure of what you like and is afraid she might do something you won't like.

5 weeks is not a long time, and it takes a couple intercourses until you get an idea of what the other person is into, I guess.

And size is nothing, the only thing that counts is how you use what you have =)

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A female reader, chachacha United Kingdom +, writes (19 April 2007):

Well you need to talk to her about it.

Say that you love her, and that you find her very sexy and attractive, and you would like to enjoy a great sex life with her too.

Say that you want to know what she likes and doesn't like about sex. Get into an open discussion, where you listen and learn.

As you go through this discussion, ask what she has thought of sex with you so far - does she not like you putting your hand on her bottom? If so, why not? What would she like?

Does she want a partner who is totally dominant while she is totally passive, or else, ask her in what circumstances would she like to be active and in control?

If you can't talk about it, you probably shouldn't be having sex with her.

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