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Does this guy like me or is he just a flirt?

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Question - (22 July 2009) 4 Answers - (Newest, 22 July 2009)
A female Australia age 22-25, *unkyness writes:

So theres this guy who i've been talking to him for some time now and i always get a vibe that he likes me

but, he has a girlfriend...

here is the story:

I was talking to him for a like month and i was getting a vibe that he liked me. He said he wanted to go watch a movie with me, when we talked it was for hours, and he was flirting. (or so my friends said)

i was really happy. Then one morning i went on facebook and his status went from single to in a relationship. I was really hurt, but i got over it.

not too long after possibly a month or so he was single again.

I didn't make the first move. He did. (like a week after becoming single)

He started texting me a again. and like before our conversations lasted for hours and he was flirting. we talked for 3 weeks like this...

then one day his status went from single to in a relationship...with the same girl...

i dont know

im just really hurt right now. i'm not sure if he likes me or...whatever.

maybe he's just a flirt?

am i looking to much into his kindness?...maybe he really just want to be friends but nothing more?(i didn't really like him until my friends said he liked me -_-)

any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

sorry for any misspelling or gramar not in the mood for looking over it.

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A female reader, smeedle United Kingdom +, writes (22 July 2009):

smeedle agony aunthiya

Just bite the bullet and ask him out, ask him if he is in a relationship as you notice his status changes, if he is not then ask him out, if he is then wish him luck and move on and stop checking him as he maybe confused enough with a relationship that he cannot make up his mind with, you need to remember that you may get this guy but he is likey to be on the rebound and that has its own set of issues.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (22 July 2009):

i think your friend is just a flirt, or is just despret and cant stand not having a girlfriend. You could do better :D x

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A female reader, Alexiedos United Kingdom +, writes (22 July 2009):

Alexiedos agony auntWell it seems like this guy must suffer from self esteeme issues as whenever he's alone he needs you to talk to to make him feel sexy again or something. You dont want to be a rebound or cheat because you will not win. My boyfriend once told me because we were fighting it made him talk to another girl on face book (which to me looked like flirting) i think whoever he's with he's definately into and she is pushing him away and clawing him back. I wouldnt get involved unless you want to take a risk and maybe get hurt.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (22 July 2009):

ur sure he has a gf? he could mean u

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