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Does she fancy me??

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Question - (31 March 2006) 4 Answers - (Newest, 13 April 2006)
A male United Kingdom, *eteor34 writes:

Hi guys! Wondered what you think to this. There's a girl I work with and we get on really well. I'm not usually one to get involved with people I work with but she seems different to all the rest. There have been quite a few times where I think that she's not just being nice but that she's really into me. My trouble is that it's the embarrassment of rejection if I've read the signs wrong-especially as it's at work!

A few examples

-On a recent training session that we were on together we split into several groups and we were in the same group. She was sat next to me and had turned her chair so that she was facing side on and had rested her foot on my seat.

-There will be times when we work closely together running a shift. She normally has her hair tied back but will occasionally untie it and smooth it back into place as she's talking to me.

-She seems to find a reason for making conversation that isn't work related-completely out of the blue she asked me if I'd seen a programme on TV the previous night. She'll also go out of her way to ask me how I am.

-She seems to act the clown when I'm around-much to my amusement or if there's something happening in the work environment she'll look at me as if to exchange the 'eyes to the ceiling' glance-even if we're not running the shift together.

I can be a bit slow on the uptake with things like this-even though the signs seem to be pointing in my favour. Sorry if the back story is abit long...what do you think?

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (13 April 2006):

Well, she definately likes you!! I act that way when I'm around a guy I like...I'm having the same problem as you actually, as I really like someone too but nothing as yet has not happened, I'm a traditional sort of gal, so will wait for the man to make the move. I think that she would be very pleased if you just asked her out for a coffee some time, say over lunch? I know I would....good luck to you. It's nice to know that it's not just women who have problems deciding whether someone fancies them!

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A male reader, meteor34 United Kingdom +, writes (9 April 2006):

meteor34 is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Just to update...I'm so goddam slow and maybe a bit chicken s*** with things like this...have to be careful because of my position in the organisation!

Think the signs are pointing even more so in my favour...another colleague(and close friend) of hers suggested I go along with them to a sporting event to add to the numbers so I can 'help out' with a few things. We also played truth or dare at a works night out(the woman in question was there-she made a fuss of me when she saw me!) and this colleague asked me outright if I fancied anyone who I worked with. I discreetly told her it was this woman (hoping...and perhaps knowing that she would say something!)

I've also enlisted the help of 2 female colleagues to 'test the water' so I don't make a fool of myself.

'What a spineless guy' I hear you all say...but the last thing I would want is a case of inappropriate harrassment being brought against me!

Maybe now you will see, and understand, the reason why I'm so hesitant...but I just can't stop thinking about her and I can't move on until I know for sure!

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A female reader, xXxBabymamaXxX +, writes (1 April 2006):

xXxBabymamaXxX agony auntWell you do work with her, when I'm working i'm friendly to all fe/males, it makes your job easier... I think your looking into her movements to much, if she is a traditional gal, she'll wait for you to make the first move... Its seems to be that she likes you, but take it slow, don't embarrass you or her by asking straight away, try something like "need a lift home" , "what are you doing for lunch, we can grab a bite together" or after sharing a good laugh say" here I'd love to see you drunk your probably 10 times more mad, we shud go out this weekend" play it smooth and you'll be coming home with your tail wagging behind you :o) laura, 16, irish!!!

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A female reader, bodylotion +, writes (31 March 2006):

bodylotion agony auntI think this woman has the hots for you.Go for it whats the worst that can happen?she says no.Just ask her if she's single or not then take it from there.Then if she's in a relationship you know not to flirt anymore but don't ask her in a flirty way ask her i conversation.If she is in a relationship she shouldn't be acting this way with you.

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