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Does my wife of 30 plus years have a sexual fantasy about another man?

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Question - (2 November 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 2 November 2008)
A male United States age , *oswellvato writes:

My wife of 30 plus years has a sexual fantasy about another man. How do I know this? Back a few years ago my car broke down in in a rural area. I ended up leaving my car with a friend of mine, got it fixed and my wife took me to pick it up. When we arrived my bud who is married hugged her close and proceeded to show her his assortment of chickens goats etc he had. As we left I noticed she has a flushed look on her face. My bud is very well endowed with a nine inch thick penis. We used to work together and once in the men's room as we were taking a leak I saw it. I used to work with his wife as well and overheard her telling the girls how big he was. That being said, he always wears tight levis that really show his bulge and he always tells me that women are always glancing at his package.

About a year ago we passed by his house (it is visible from the highway) and she asked me if he was still living there. I said he was and did not give it another thought. A few months ago I called him to see how he is doing and I asked if women were still staring at his cock and he said yes most of the women even the married ones look. I then asked him " Did my wife look too"? (I had told my wife and how hung he was and she had said "yeah right!"

He said "yes she did!" Not only once but twice. He caught her looking and she knew he knew she was looking. Once she looked the first time he said his cock started to harden and she got a good look the second time (at least 15-20 seconds). Now I know women are like guys in that we all look. Well a few weeks ago we were passing by his house and she started looking to the right towards his house and stayed looking for a while and for good measure she kept looking past as not to let me know she was only looking at his house.

When we got back that night she was very wet and horny when she usually isn't. My question is this. Am I reading more into this? (She has not seen him since that time) or is my wife looking or fantasizing about a better endowed lover?

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (2 November 2008):

So your wife fantasized about another guy?What's the big deal?Don't you fantasize on seeing big boobs?This hypocrisy sucks!

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A female reader, Miss Potter United Kingdom +, writes (2 November 2008):

Miss Potter agony auntShe probably does have a fantasy about his big thick cock. So what? Let her enjoy her little fantasy. And its better not to ask her about it, you will take all the joy out of it then!

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A female reader, michele21 United States +, writes (2 November 2008):

michele21 agony auntyou know it actually sounds like she is... if she has never acted like that before and how long have you been with her??? I guess a while since you are married I say that she is fantizing about another man considering how wet and horny she was that night when you got home.... if you're married I would talk to her about it face to face and just watch her reactions and expressions, you know actions speak louder than words so make sure you pay attention to that.... good luck

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