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Do women really have oral sex after having regular sex?

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Question - (30 August 2010) 4 Answers - (Newest, 31 August 2010)
A male United States age 41-50, anonymous writes:

Do women really do this? I know I watch too much porn. But, do women really go down on a man after having their penis inside them? I see it all the time on some "reality" porn sites and it makes me believe them even less.

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A female reader, person12345 United States +, writes (31 August 2010):

person12345 agony auntWell it's somewhat similar to you performing cunninglingus after you cum inside her, except less "gross." Many women don't mind or like their own taste and their isn't that much of it there. It's kind of salty/metallic. It's not a huge deal. It just depends on why it's a turn on for you. In porn it's frequently portrayed as a degrading act, like here take it and eat your own juices because I am in control and you are subservient and you will eat what I tell you to. But if it's just because you're having sex and just suddenly are like, you know, oral would feel good, then I can't imagine why it's a problem. But just so you know, porn isn't reality. Whatever reality porn is, it's just as fake as delivery boy bad acting porn.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (30 August 2010):

I know my wife wouldn't do it for the life of her. She would rather die first than doing anything oral.

I wish...

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A female reader, GoddessHK Hong Kong +, writes (30 August 2010):

Personally, I enjoy doing this because I like my own "taste" and find it a turn-on to taste myself on my man. I don't watch porn, so can't comment on that. However, I believe that many women may not like doing this because they are conditioned to believe that their natural juices are somehow 'dirty'. Women are bombarded by advertising all the time for 'feminine hygiene' products (special washes, douches, perfumed products etc.) that lead many to believe that any natural smell or taste is undesirable.

What a tragedy that so many women (especially young women) cannot appreciate and enjoy their natural beauty!

Though one should always respect the 'comfort zone' of one's partner, it may help if you praise the 'taste' of your woman. With gentle encouragement, she may eventually be open to the experience of giving oral sex after having regular sex.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (30 August 2010):

Yes, many women do this. Like you, I doubted it myself, because I was married for many years to a woman who refused to. I didn't mind it because the sex was still great, but it led me to believe it was a myth. However, I will say it opened up all kinds of doors, sexually, once I discovered that it is not a myth. Some women have an aversion to this, and you have to accept it.

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