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Do men experience a sore penis after or during sex?

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Question - (3 January 2009) 8 Answers - (Newest, 14 September 2014)
A female South Africa age 30-35, *andie writes:

Do guys experience a sore penis after a couple of sexual exercises as well? I've had that a couple of times before and my bf's thing would be fine but this time he told me his penis was sore when we had to continue sex! I was also feeling some pain, not extremly and surely not as painful as his... It was quiet hard for us to insert it( could it be that my vigina had shrinked? Ofcourse i doubt if that's the case) but how come was his painful coz it has never happened before? In fact he always was the one on the go!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (14 September 2014):

yes. it may be because of STD

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A reader, anonymous, writes (13 March 2012):

My boyfriend's penis gets sore where he gets little tiny cuts on his penis it almost looks like a rash. He blames it on me. He said that he gets like that after intercouse but lately we haven't had intercourse for 4 weeks and he still got like that. My boyfriend is a truck driver and I am wondering if he gets like that from sweating and not taking showers on a regular basis. Please could any one give me an answer about this problem or give me advice on what to do.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (14 January 2009):

Usually my penis gets sore if I ejaculate more then one or two times. Usually I need a day to rest my penis before having intercourse again. Most of the time if my penis is sore I play through the pain anyway.

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A male reader, dasonras United States +, writes (3 January 2009):

I would first suggest that you try using a lubricant to reduce friction.

Does he use a condom? This would make a big difference in the reason why he is having a sore penis. He could be allergic to latex. His condom could be too small. Many reasons here.

If it is not lube and it is not condom, I do think that it is odd that he has a sore penis. Unless, of course, he has never masturbated or had sex before. New stimulation to the penis could result in a dryness of the skin or stretching.

Lastly, I would rule out a vaginal yeast infection. Go to the pharmacy and pick up a self test to determine whether or not you have bacterial infection. Such infection would cause you discomfort during sex as well as his penis. The yeast infection can spread to the top layer of skin on his penis making it sore, red, and sometimes itchy.

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A male reader, Sandman United States +, writes (3 January 2009):

Sandman agony auntThere may be a couple of reasons why his penis is sore after (or during sex).

In my experience, the issue was her pubic hair. Apparently, at the point of penetration - some of her pubic hair was being pushed/pulled into her vagina. While I thrusted into her, the hair caused friction on my penis which I didn't initially feel until after sex. Then I would notice a sort of rug burn or even a cut on my penis from where the pubic hair rubbed away the skin and thus left a small cut. Hurt like crazy! It also caused her some discomfort too but she never said anything because she thought the initial "pinch" or twinge of pain was because I was entering her. She trimmed the hair around her vulva and the problem went away.

Another issue that could cause penile soreness is the amount of time he remains erect. The penis can remain erect for quite a long time without negative effects, but prolonged "working" of penis CAN cause a bit of soreness. It's kind of like working out - the workout is good until the next day when your muscles ache from the workout. Kind of the same principle.

Hope this helps

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A female reader, SoftlyCaress  +, writes (3 January 2009):

SoftlyCaress agony auntWell my guess would be use lubrication as you might not Have been wet enough .Or take it a little easy on it he also might want to go to the dr and have the ole boy checked out might be a infection or something like that .

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A reader, anonymous, writes (3 January 2009):

Generally speaking, the penis becomes very tender immediately after ejaculation and it can take about ten minutes for the tenderness to disappear. Another thing that happens immediately after ejaculation is that the penis goes soft, about 99% of the time, unless he's been taking viagra or similar, or if he 'suffers' from priapism.

Trying to insert a soft penis is rather like trying to push a rope up a hill.

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A male reader, a_decent_1 India +, writes (3 January 2009):

a_decent_1 agony auntThe only reason i can guess from your post is that you might have not been completely wet.. There might have not been enough foreplay for you to completely lubricate yourself..

If both of you felt sore, it has to be you dryness.. Your vagina would be dry.. You can use some good lubricant or just have a lot of foreplay before intercourse..


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